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Slight tweaks to the existing summoner spells and adds 15 new skills that build on that theme. Includes Hexes, Glyphs, new summons, and more!

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Update (15/10): I've added a lot to this mod since the last patch, see changelog for whats new!

What is this?

Are you bored of Vanilla summoner? Don't get me wrong, summoner is pretty strong, especially near the start of the game, but once you play more, it's really just doing the same thing, and it isn't terribly interactive at times, and that brings me to this mod. When making this mod, I had the following things in mind:
  • Give summoners more to do with their skills beyond just summoning and a couple of buffs here and there
  • Make chaos damage spells feel actually useful
  • More summons to play around with (ofcs)

Hopefully I've managed to do that, but I'll let you be the judge of that! And if I haven't, let me know!. Now, onto the specifics:

What has been changed from the base game?

Not much, really, i think summoner is actually pretty balanced, it just feels a bit boring at times. That said I did make a few changes
  • Summoner has now been renamed to Occultist This fits in better with the themes that I'm using for this mod
  • Dimensional bolt now costs 1 ap
  • Totems have a bit more health scaling, but I'm not sure if it's enough yet
  • All Source infusions (Necrofire, Ice, Cursed Electric, Acid) have been changed from 2SP to 1SP

What's new?
This mod adds 15 new spells of all different tiers. There are two important spell types I've added:

  • Hexes- Hexes are debuffs resisted by Magic armor. Each hex costs 1ap to use and damage magic armor. Any enemy can only have one Hex at a time. Later in the game, these can be upgraded to stronger versions with a spell
  • Glyphs Glyphs are magic circles on the ground that provide a variety of effects to anyone standing in them. They help you, hinder enemies, or both!
  • The Eldritch- If you like you lovecraftian horror, this is the playstyle for you. Physical damage dealing summons and spells galore. We've got Tentacles, giant worms, Godlike creatures- come check it out!

Here is a full list of added spells and their requirements: Occultist Spell Sheet.

The mod introduces a new status: Corrupted. Corrupted reduces an enemies STR, FIN, INT, CON and WITS with each stack (Max 3). When a corrupted enemy dies or you cast manifest on it, an Elderitch parasite is summoned to help you for 3 turns. The higher the stacks of Corruptedted, the stronger the parasite summoned. Parasites deal physical damage.

Additionally, I've added an optional file which makes the summons permanent. You load this one after the main mod in your load order for the effects to work.

Where do I get these skills?

These skills can all be bought from Elendra, Occult Master who you will find throughout your travels. She can be found in:
  • Fort Joy: Next to the beach waypoint with the kid
  • Lady Vengeance: Lower deck (the first one without the mirror) in Dallis' Chambers
  • Driftwood: In the docks near where you find Higba
  • Arx: On the bridge in the main city leading to the church



- Better scaling for manifest horror summons and beholder Queen. They should now be closer to incarnates.
- Better scaling for imps to make up for the fact theyre less spammable.
- Eldritch parasites spawned from killing a corrupted enemies now last 3 turns

- Manifest horror wasnt working properly as it wasnt summoning creatures instantly, it should work properly now.


- Most spirit skills have been reworked/changed to have an "Eldritch Horror" type theme. I felt this was more in line with the occultist theme than the spirit stuff. I may revisit the idea of a spirit class but not in this mod
- Haunted has become "Corrupted" It functions largely the same as before. It now summons Eldritch Parasites that get progressively stronger with at higher stacks of corrupted
- Haunting Touch has become Corrupting Touch. It functions exactly the same.
- Exorcise has become "Manifest". It functions the same as before.
- Spirit Knives has now become Conjure Eldritch bolts. It now only needs 2 points in Occultist but only fire 3 bolts. Each bolt has an 80% chance of applying corrupted (so roughly a 50% chance of applying 3 stacks of corrupted in one cast)
- Possessed Axe has become Spread Corruption. It no longer has a warfare requirement and now requires 3 points in occultist. It does not spread bleed anymore but has recieved a damage bonus and applies 2 stacks of corrupted.
- Haunting Ritual has become Eldritch Plague. It now applies Corrupted and Decaying
- Conjure Spirit Eater has now become "Summon Beholder Queen".It costs 2 Source and required summoning 5. The Beholder Queen has a variety of different skills but can still consume other eldritch creatures for more damage. 
- Because this is now a source spell with a high requirement, there is a new summoning spell "Manifest Horror" which has a similar requirement to the old spirit eater spell. See spell sheet for details
- Added 4 new spells: Manifest Horror, Malignant Bile, Conjure Imps and Eldritch Blast. See Spell sheet for more details
- Various UI and graphical fixes, lots of shiny new icons for the new spells.


- The damage of Glyph of binding has been slightly reduced
- Imp-Cursion now does less damage. Additionally, imps are only summoned at the location of enemies with no magic armor and will not proc on allies. The idea is to reduce the imp spam a bit and make this a bit more situational rather than good in every situation.
- Imps summoned by Imp-Cursion last two turns (down from 3)
- Demonic and Greater Demonic hex now only summon an imp if the character dies while afflicted with it. To make up for this change, characters with demonic hex also suffer a small penalty to skill range and dodge change.
- Haunted now, in additional to its previous functionality, summons a spirit to fight for you for 1 turn if the character dies while afflicted with it.

- Added 4 brand new skills: Hexify Weapons, Pyrophobia, Polymorphing Hex and Blood Pact. These skills are hybrid skills which require investment from another skill tree to be used. See the spell sheet for more details.
- Pyrophobia and polymorphing hex are both hexes, but only pyrophobia can be turned into an aura when cast on a hex doll and upgraded to a better hex with amplify hexes. This is because Polymorphing hex is already quite strong and having an upgraded/aura version would make it too strong.
- New visuals and icons for Bound and Unstable energies debuffs
- Glyph of Conjuring is now 3ap because it was too good value at 2. The DoT also does a little more damage too.
- For similar reasons, Glyph of Binding now lasts 3 turns instead of 4. It is otherwise unchanged.

- Spirit eater crash bug fixed
- Visual updates, animation syncing and tweaks
- Hexes do more magic damage than before

- We have 2 Preset classes now! Check out the Warlock and the Cabalist on the character creation screen!
- Have added 8 new skills to accomodate a physicial damage playstyle: Haunting Touch, Exorcise, Ethereal Binding, Haunting Ritual, Summon Spirit Eater, Mass Exorcism, Spirit Knives, Possessed Axe. Check out the mod page for more!
- Added the haunted status, check out the mod page for more!
- Fixed Writhing tentacles so they dont crash the game BUT their AoE smash skill has been removed (it was breaking the game). Said skill has now been replaced with a smaller single target skill that can also knock down.
- Graphical and Animation updates
- General bugs and UI fixes

Version 1.1
- Imp-Losion has now been named Imp-Cursion. It costs 3AP
- Imps were just ridiculously strong so I nerfed their damage and range on the fireball they have. They can no longer cast burning touch
- New Spell: Imp-Losion (Confusing I know): Blow up all imps that you have summoned in a target area, dealing chaos damage to all enemies within 2m of each imp
- Circle of binding slow has been reduced to 60% (from 75%) but it now Sets Bound on enemies with no magic armor (like a Magic version of crippled)
- Writhing tentacles got a damage nerf to the slam attack and it now scales a bit differently
- The upgraded versions of Vulnerability Hex and Ele Weakness Hex have now debuff each stat 10% more than they used to.
- General UI fixes


Let me know what you think of this mod in the comments. Any suggestions on balance are welcome.


  • Larian Studios for making this game and the editor
  • The divinity discord group (shoutouts to Zerd, Odinblade, LaughingLeader, DerCapac, Bluefire and Kalavinka) for answering my incessant questions
  • The art team in Dota 2 for some dope art I used for some of the game icons
  • The art team in Path of Exile for this lovely Witch header art.

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