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Adds new Hybrid skills made up of combinations that don't exist in the base game (e.g.: Pyro + Hydro)- now for definitive edition!

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Can be found on steam workshop at: 

We are now out for definitive edition! Thanks to all of you for your support and help as I've made this mod. However I dont plan to stop any time soon on this mod and am looking at ways to take it further. My current plans for this are:

  • More custom visuals and icons
  • Relooking at some of the earlier skills I've made
  • Balance
  • More Hybrid skills!

If you have any Ideas or requests, please, please, please let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the mod and where it could go.

What is this?

This is a mod I made to increase the number of craftable skillbooks, by adding new hybrid spells with skill combinations that aren’t in the base game (e.g. Hydro + Pyro).  Eventually, I will make it so combining any two skill books will yield a result.

Obtaining the Spells

All spells can be made via a crafting recipe. The recipes are like in the base game: to make the normal skill combine two non-source skill books from the combat skills you want to use and to make a source skillbook you combine skillbooks from the two combat skills with at least one being a source book. 

On top of the regular Skills there are also some Ultimate Skills I've added. These are Powerful skills that require Source Books from multiple Combat Skills to make. They can only be used once per battle and you can only have one memorised per character at any time. See the document below for more details.

Additionally, I have added a Vendor, Selena. She can be found in:
  • Fort Joy: Next to the statue in the middle of fort joy (Only sells non source books)
  • Lady Vengeance: Lower deck next to the mirror
  • Driftwood: Behind Trader Ovis' Shop
  • Nameless Isle: Top deck of the lady vengeance
  • Arx: Next to the waypoint in the main town

She will sell every spell I've made for this mod except the Ultimate Skills (I want those to be crafting only). Unfortunately I cannot add any voicework to her due to editor limitations but this is the best way to avoid clashes with other mods.

Meet Selena, the Vendor for HSE!

This Mod is a work in progress, some of the skills are done and there will almost definitely need to be some rebalancing based on feedback, so leave a comment and let me know what you think!
Current Added Skills

After exceeding the character limit on steam (lol) I've decided to move my list of currently added skill to a document which can be found here.



- Exposed is now called Duelist's Mark. It now only gives penalties to physical and piercing resists but now, hitting enemies with Duelist's Mark with basic attacks causes them to take piercing damage equal to 30% of the attacking weapons damage
- Dueling stance no longer gives bonuses to one handed and dual wielding. It now gives accuracy and dodge bonuses. When you are hit with a basic attack with dueling stance you gain stacking bonuses to your dodge, accuracy and movement speed until you successfully dodge an attack. Characters with dueling stance can also apply Duelist's for 1AP once per turn to a nearby character.
- Focused Impact now no longer disarms the opponent. It now will causes enemies to not be able to have or regenerate physical armour for 1 turn if they have no physical armour after the initial shot.
- Added a new Status: Sniper's Mark. Sniper's Mark is a new status which reduces the dodge chance and movement speed of enemies for 2 turns. It is associated with Sniper Stance.
- Sniper stance now provides 2 skills: marking shot and snipe. Marking shot applies sniper's mark to an enemy and snipe can shoot an enemy with Sniper's Mark for 100% weapon damage, but has a greatly increased weapon range compared to a basic attack.
- Lots of visual and icon upgrades.

Some big changes here, lots of skill reworks.

Bound Weapon (Now Void armaments)

- Bound Weapon has been completely reworked into Void Armaments. It no longer provides the teleport and damage skills it used to. Instead, Void armaments causes your basic attacks to inflict Unstable, a 5 level stacking debuff that reduces resistances and at higher levels causes enemies to explode for damage of a random element when they die.
- In addition to unstable, characters with Void armaments no longer deal additional damage of a random element on attacks. Instead, each basic attack will apply one of six random effects to enemies. Example effects include summoning an incarnate, getting hit with a lightning bolt, sending down a big meteor and a few more!

Necrotic Shroud (Now Aspect of the Blood knight)

- Necrotic shroud has been reworked into Aspect of the blood knight. Aspect of the blood knight provides a basic bonus of +5 strength, 35% physical and poison resistances and immunity to decaying and disease. For each nearby corpse when you use this skill, you gain additional bonuses to strength and your phys and poison resistances. (It takes 4 corpses for full immunity to phys and poison).
- While Aspect of the Blood knight is active, attacking a bleeding enemy deals splash damage equal to half your weapon damage as piercing damage to that enemy and ones nearby.

Sanguine Hide (Now Righteous Blood)

- Sanguine Hide was changed because it now overlapped pretty hard with Aspect of the Blood knight so it’s a new skill entirely
- Sanguine Hide has been replaced with Righteous blood. This is a 7m aura where you sacrifice 30% of your vitality to heal allies for 20% of their maximum vitality at the start of each turn and give them a 30% damage boost. It costs 1 AP and 1 SP

One With Nature

- One with nature has been changed to feel more powerful. You have 100% resistances to everything but cannot act in this form.
- Allies within the forest now have peace of mind and rested instead of healing every turn.
- Enemies within the forest do not get entangled anymore. Now they take Earth damage as before and 100% of the damage is healed back to you as life.

Huntsman/Necro Skill rework

- Wall of Flesh has been completely removed. I’m sorry, I tried to fix the bug where it slows down the game a ton and I genuinely could not do it. So for now it is removed but I may bring it back If I can find a fix.
- In place of Wall of Flesh, the Huntsman/Necro Source skill is now Miasmic Shroud. This is an aura that sets Decay and Blighted on enemies within 6m of you and increases your evasion. You will have to remake/rebuy this skill unlike the other reworks.
- Blighted has been changed to differentiate it from diseased. It provides -3 CON, -15% Phys and Poison Resistances. It still spreads to nearby enemies if the afflicted character dies.
- Blighted does not interact with decay anymore (it felt a bit forced tbh). BUT it still interacts with bleeding and now its both if you apply bleeding to a blighted enemy or vice versa. If you do this, it will now apply Sepsis on top of the two statuses. Sepsis provides further debuffs to CON and to AP total and recovery.

Other changes

- Transmute Corpse has been renamed to Void ritual and now requires you to sacrifice an existing summon of yours rather than a corpse. This is because it didn’t feel right for a Summoning/Poly skill to require a corpse.
- Scald has been removed from the game and replaced with boil. It is largely the same but its just a targeted spell rather than a projectile you have to aim. You will have to remake/rebuy the skill book and relearn this one unlike the other reworks.
- Various updates to Skill effects, animations and icons.
- Corrosive aura does not reduce elemental resistances anymore. Instead, when an enemy under the effects of corrosive aura reaches 0 in either armor, they cannot have or regenerate that armor type until corrosive is removed.


- Soothing mists now provides burning immunity. This should stop surfaces from constantly reapplying burning and wet to targets on it and slowing down the game
- Soothing mists now costs 3ap (up from 2)
- Vampire Form and Greater Vampirism now have a Scoundrel/Necro requirement. Their recipes have been updated accordingly
- Essence Drain and Essence purge now have a Scoundrel/Poly Requirement. Their recipes have been updated accordingly
- Scalded skin has been changed: it now reduces fire resistance by 15%, maximum AP by 1 and AP recovery per turn by 1. It no longer reduces water resistance


- Volcanic incursion has been reworked- The portal summoned has a 3m damage radius but moves forward in a line for 20m from you. (Think laser ray). Also leaves fire clouds behind. The damage has been slightly reduced
- Sandstorm has been reworked- Sandstorm now applies a persistent speed and range debuff to all enemies within it (enemies lose about 2m range on skills). Additionally they now take air and earth damage for every turn in it which doesn't scale with stats. Allies within the sandstorm are invisible as long as they are in it.
- Because of how strong this probably is, it is now costs 4ap/3sp
- You will lose both the previous versions of the above skills if you were using them in an existing save. You will have to relearn them (sorry, no way around this
- Resuscitation now resurrects you to about 65% health, but you are dazed for 2 turns after this (skills cost 1 more)
- The bear companion has some new skills: Crippling blow and overpower. It spawns with 3 source points that it can use for overpower. The base attack of the bear does not knock down anymore but now has a 30% chance to apply bleed. Damage for the bear is also a bit lower because it was previously ridiculous.
- Some new icons and UI stuff


- Fungal Growth has been removed becuase it doesn't fit themes for Poly/Huntsman as much as I'd wanted it to. It has been replaced by the new skill "Thorny Ground". You will have to recraft/buy this skill again, sorry.
- Volcanic Portal has been renamed to Volcanic Incursion. It has been changed to cost 3ap/3sp and has recieved a significant damage buff and area increase, plus a new model.
- Concussive Shot has been renamed to impact shot, it is otherwise unchanged
- Thorned Armor has been renamed to Barbed Armor. It has a shiny new animation with is much better than before. Mechanically the skill is unchanged
- Bound Weapon has been changed. It no longer gives Breach (the warping move) but now gets a new skill (destabilising Strike).
- In addition, the dimensional strike skill from bound weapon has been changed to "Breaching Slam". It now comes with better animation syncing and pulls enemies in towards you. It has a radius of 6m now.
- Chaos arrow has been changed. It no longer creates a surface, but now applies a random status on hit. Not every status is in included, and most of them are not hard CC statuses but I'll let you find out what you can get, there are a few surprises in there.
- Volatile Armor got a visual upgrade and new icon but is otherwise unchanged
- New Icons for Thorny Ground, Barbed Armor, Destabilising Strike and Breaching Slam


- Necrotic Shroud now correctly costs 1ap
- Transmute corpse now costs 4ap, it was just too good for a spell you could access that early at 2ap
- Fixed the visual of "One with Nature" so the trees don't rotate with your character.
- Added a new despawn animation for the trees in "one with nature"


- Soothing mists has been reworked. Instead of a targetting skill, it is now a persistent zone of mists that lasts for 3 turns giving immunity to the same stuff it cured before and setting sleep on enemies in it. You will have to buy the book and learn it again and the previous iteration has been deleted sorry.
- Soul Armor has changed name to Necrotic Shroud. It now, on top of the previous bonuses, also has a small 2m aura that applies decaying touch
- Banishing strike has become Sacrificial Exchange. On top of banishing a summon it also summons a new Summon called the planar wraith. Think of it like a glass cannon incarnate that can use all the infusions. Also it now costs 3ap to use
- Summon Bear now correctly costs 1SP. It has gained fortify as a skill.
- Corroded status now gives a -10% to all resistances on top of previous debuffs
- Chaos arrow distance has been nerfed, it was way too high a range with max huntsman
- Each totemic awakening summon has access to a couple new skills
- New models for the Air Spirit and Clay warrior (now renaimed to Earthbound Guardian) summons that fit much better with their themes
- The slow from sandstorm can now be removed by conventional means of removing slow such as haste, etc.
- So, so many animation and effect improvements I've lost count. I changed at least half the skills to have better synced animations, new effects and better sounds. Standouts include the new Volcanic Portal prepare/cast animations, Divine Smites impact animation and the new dimensional portal animations.
- New Icons for Enlighten, Divine Smite and Banishing Strike (Now known as Sacrificial Exchange)


- Cursed blood has been renamed to Sanguine Hide. It now has a vitality penalty but no more elemental resistance penalties. Physical Resistance bonus is now 60% (up from 50). Also now gives bleed immunity
- You can now have multiple auras from elemental nexi active at once (the totems from totemic awakening). However the resistance bonuses have been reduced to 30% (down from 50)
- Updated the model for Elemental Nexi, now each one has its own model.
- Archon has a new Visual more in line with what it does. 
- More updates to animations and visuals. (A lot of the targeted spells should sync up better now)
- New icons for Sanguine Hide, Banner of War, Inspired, Bend Blood

- GM Support added
- Disarming shot has been renamed to concussive shot. It now knocks enemies back a few metres when it hits
- Flashy escape has now become Evasive Manouvre. It does air damage in addition to blinding enemies and you leap back 10m when you use it (this works over heights too, be careful)
- One with nature has been buffed. It has a new visual and it now heals allies in the area each turn theyre near you. Enemies still take damage when they step in
- Sand spray now has a visual and it has an increased range. However it has a slightly smaller angle.

Animations should sync up way better now

Selena is in a few more places now! She can now be found in fort joy, arx, driftwood and the nameless isle
- Fixed a bug where Resus was working on anything dead. It should now be allies only.

- All summons from this mod have been universally buffed. They'll have better stat scaling and HP all around
- Shrapnel Traps cost 1SP (down from 2) and produce 4 traps (up from 3)
- Banner of War now gives a slightly different buff. It doesn't give movement speed anymore but gives a 15% health buff and immunity to fear and taunted.
- Volcanic Portal and Divine Smite now cost 2 SP (down from 3)
- Cursed Blood now lasts 1 more turn
- Swift Strikes has now been renamed to "Dance of Death" instead of Setting Marked, it now sets Exposed, which reduces all elemental resists by 10% and physical and piercing resists by 15%
- Soul Armor now only costs 1ap and also gives some magic armor with it. It also lasts 3 turns (up from 1)
- Reaper Form now gives a 25% Health bonus. It also has access to 3 new skills: Death Grip, Raise Frost Lich and Summon Angry Spirits
- Reaper Form now requires 2 SUmmoning instead of 2 Poly. The crafting recipe has been changed to 1 summoning source book instead of a poly source book
- Fixed a bug where Rooted Status wan't proccing
- Fixed a bug where Spectral Thief was counting as a player and disabling lone wolf buffs
- Fixed a clash with the Astronomer mod between Divine smite and Solar flare from that mod. NOTE: You will probably have to get Solar Flare again if you had it before.
- General Graphical and UI fixes

- Army of the dead now scales much better than before. The skellies should be significantly tankier now
- Greater Vampirism now lasts 4 turns
- Archon has been fixed to what it originally intended to be: You now start the next turn after casting with 4 extra AP
- Stat changes for mass essence drain have been halved

- Volatile blood has now been changed. It is now a single target spell with a high damage variance that sets Anaemia. It doesn't require enemies to be bleeding to work.
- Anaemia now has an interaction with bleed where if you apply bleeding to an enemy with it or apply Anaemia to an enemy with bleeding, they are knocked down for 1 turn
- Vampire Lord has been changed to "Greater Vampirism" the bonuses Vampirism and Greater Vampirism provide have been toned down slightly.
- Enthrall (from Greater Vampirism) has now been replaced with "Bend Blood". It is functionally the same but now has a physical armor saving throw.
- Greater Vampirism also has access to the new skill "Bloodlust" which provides a damage boost for every bleeding enemy around you.
- "Deathly Chill" is now called "Frostbite" (It just fits better)
- Have added some new icons for army of the dead, greater vampirism and some new stuff I've added
- Graphical and tooltip changes for various skills.

-  We are now out for definitive edition. Mod is pretty much unchanged from classic.

Just extract the .pak file to your mod directory (for me its documents/larian studios/divinity original sin 2/mods) and enable it on the main menu and you're good to go!

  • Thanks to Larian studios for making on of my favourite RPG's ever and some mod tools for noob like me ;)
  • Thanks to the guys on Reddit, steam and Nexus who helped come up with ideas
  • Special Thanks to Zerd, Abyssalgaze and LaughingLeader on the divinity discord, who put up with my endless questions that allowed me to fix a lot of the bugs and script some new stuff in.

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