Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Adds hundreds of new item modifiers for random loot, including "skill modifiers", added on-hit effects for weapons, combat start bonuses, and more.

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Enjoy HUNDREDS of new item modifiers on random loot. Also, lots of new random item names for rares and legendaries.

Random modifiers include:
-"Skill modifiers" on rings, amulets and staves
-AP recovery for specific skills from legendary gloves
-Unique skills
-Cooldown recovery modifiers
-Skill combos!
-Combat start bonuses
-On-hit effects for weapons and gloves

And more!

All modifiers are intended to be balanced. I emphasize the fun/cool factor a little bit, but let me know if anything seems excessive.

Some notes:

Should be no compatability issues with any other mods, even other loot mods like my Rude Loot mod.

If a weapon says it will apply a positive effect, it applies to the user.

Cooldown recovery modifiers on pants only trigger once per combat.

The "Skill modifications" that add statuses use timers to add the status. I did my best to make them line up, but may have screwed up. Projectiles are especially difficult, since there are different ranges to consider.

There are probably several item descriptions that are inaccurate or confusing, or some effects that just might not work at all because of a typo or something. There will definitely be some amount of (hopefully minor) bugs!

Skill modifications often intended to open up or encourage interesting uses for skills. 

Suggestions for ideas always appreciated.

If this or other of my mods have significantly enhanced your game experience, please consider making a donation. Support creatives that give you joy.