Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Makes Grenades scale with Finesse for better end game scaling

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Mod can also be found on steam workshop at:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1508113347


Make grenades great again (MGGA) is a small mod I made to get myself accustomed to the  editor and how it works. I really liked that grenades were a viable option for lategame in Divinity OS1 (even if they were overpowered) so I was pretty disappointed to see that they kinda sucked in DOS:2. Ambidextrous had potential but with the poor damage output grenades had there were always better options available. This mod aims to fix that.

What does this do?

Scaling changes

This mod changes grenades so they scale with finesse, making them much more powerful in the late game. However as a compromise I've slightly nerfed the base damage for grenades and have massively increased the damage range they can have. I like the idea that grenades are unstable and unpredictable concoctions, so increasing the damage range felt like a good thematic change for me.

New Grenades
Additionally this mod adds 2 new grenades to the game, with their own crafting recipes. These are:
  • Chokedust: A grenade that does magic armour damage and applies suffocating. Can be made using  Bonedust and an Empty Cylinder
  • Cursed Nailbomb: An upgrade to the nailbomb that does more physical damage and applies decay instead of bleed. Requires a Source Orb and a Nailbomb Grenade to make
These new ones should work fine with GM mode too.

Just extract the .pak file to your mod directory (for me its documents/larian studios/divinity original sin 2/mods) and enable it on the main menu and you're good to go!

All feedback is welcome and if you have any suggestions for balance or new grenades let me know! I hope you enjoy this mod!

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