Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Armor set visuals from lower levels can also be generated as current level equipment by merchants or on loot drops.

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What does this mod do?
It changes the game's "table" of predefined visuals per armor level. Now when you open a trader's inventory after you level up (traders inventory refresh), or when you loot something that generates random loot, armors are generated at your current level, but instead of only having the predefined visual of your current level range, they can have visuals from lower level armors too.

What does this mean?
If you like your rogue using leather armor, but at higher levels theres only chainmail for you to use, you can now find some leather armor scaled to your current level on stores. The same applies for warriors scales/plates and mages robes too. Exception: Starter equipment visuals

Can I use on a preexisting save?
It should work without issue. Previously generated equipment don't change, only newly generated stores/drops should be affected. BUT, as always when testing mods, backup your save.

Does this mod have issues with other mods?
I'm not sure, probably with mods that change the armors entries in the item progression visuals file. I'm not planning on testing with them because I've just made this one to play the game using it and thought would be fun to share. Feel free to replicate it.