Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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Companions will say better lines in reflection dialogues (exclamation point "!" party dialogues).

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If the default companion reflections (exclamation point "!" party dialogues) seem inconsistent, generic, or out-of-character to you, you're not alone!

Now your companions will choose lines that better match their characterizations. This is by re-tagging from other options normally exclusive to when you're playing an origin as an avatar.

ALL reflections and party decision dialogues (PDDs) are updated by this mod. Think of their erratic reactions to the soul jars—that is among many fixes applied here. Includes patches to late-game choices which did not have companions tagged and could turn them unreasonably into psychopaths.

Includes the Wait Your Turn changes so you can hear your own character's lines. See its technical notes here. ONLY USE ONE! Otherwise load this mod AFTER it.

This mod's philosophy on the companions and their line changes:
IFAN: Ifan was in a decent spot, in that he fulfilled a fair if generic hero role. He is, however, a more haunted character whose reflections were erratically gung-ho. This mod favors lines which are more protective, insightful, and redemption-seeking.
LOHSE: Maybe it's fitting that Lohse had conflicting characterizations, but her reflections were either too kooky or geared to drive metaplot. Lohse IS a jester but her story is far from one-note. These changes make Lohse more empathetic and less bumbleheaded, with a clearer point of view.
SEBILLE: Things run very hot-and-cold with Sebille, but her default inputs showed inordinate investment in the goings-on unrelated to her storyline. The big picture of Sebille is not utterly psychopathic in the end, so this mod favors more of her "I am over this" energy, while also (importantly) caring more about the fate of the elves later on.
RED PRINCE: Here's a character with a clear point of view and a strong opinion about everything. Contrarily, his reflections sounded temperate or even modest. This mod leans more into Prince's sensuousness and appetite for danger, crueller without being straight up evil.
BEAST: Like Lohse, Beast suffered from no defined point of view. In the default game, Beast was either caring or cold with no discernible reasoning. We know that Beast launched a rebellion, so this mod favors greater compassion from Beast while also coming off as more impulsive and chaotic.
FANE: Fane is just hilarious. However, despite being scholarly and curious, he rendered a lot more end-of-the-line judgments in the default reflections than one would expect. Fane is now more observant, clever, and self-effusing.

I would have published this months ago but I needed to fully test it first. Enjoy!

Drop the .pak into Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mods.
Activate the mod in the main menu.

Steam Workshop version here.