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Removes annoying ambient dialogue from several NPCs in hub areas. Allows players to trade in peace, without going crazy!

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Annoying NPC dialogue removed

Divinity Original Sin 2 is a great game, but one thing I hate about it is the constant ambient dialogues, especially in city hubs. I've been wanting to start a new playthrough but didn't know if could bear hearing another "Keepin' it together Bree?". So I found a simple way of preventing some very annoying NPCs from talking without having to kill them: I deleted their dialogue trees.
This mod only affects ambient dialogues. Basically, NPCs are still working as intended, they simply won't talk unless spoken to!
I didn't remove any dialogue that could lead to interesting player interaction.

v 2.0 update: I'm sorry it took me so long to see the requests in the comments, I did not get any notification from nexus. I have now removed ambient dialogues from several NPCs in Fort Joy / The Lady Vengeance and a few more from Arx outskirts!

In Fort Joy and the Lady Vengeance (Act 1), I removed ambient dialogues from the following NPCs:
  • All NPCs in the Camp Kitchen
  • Rezik ("When a new Divine arises, will Source change back?")
  • Unnamed dwarf NPC ("Ooooh! Ten-oh bottles o' mead, oh...")
  • Most of the NPCs in Amadia's Sanctuary (Leya, Duggan, Samadel and Han, some of Kerban's dialogue, ...)
  • Saheila and Amyro (in the Elven cavern)
  • Maol ("Tides in and out and in again.")
  • Jeth (Husband of the woman looking for her daugher Erma - I didn't cut her dialogue though, I thought is was fitting)
  • Maeve ("Tir-Cendelius, hear my prayer. Show us the way forward. Deliver us from peril...")
  • Constance and Magister Ranley's exchanges ("Magister Ranley, Caulker's Mate of the Divine Eminence's Vessel, Lady Vengeance." etc.)

In Reaper's Coast and the Lady Vengeance (Act 2), I removed all ambient dialogues from the following NPCs:
  • Ada Laird
  • Town crier Togrof
  • Magister Caryl
  • Black Bull tavern - Dwarf arguing about magisters ("I'm tellin' ya. If they got nothin' to hide, they got nothin' to be scared of.")
  • Black Bull tavern - Magisters talking about spending the night with a lizard ("Curiosity kills the cat. Or gets it sent to Fort Joy.")
  • Stranded merchants near Sadha ("We should've sailed from Driftwood, like I told you.")
  • Sergeant Zrilla

In Arx, I removed all ambient dialogues from the following NPCs:
  • Bella the Scoop
  • Citizens talking about the conflict bewteen Paladins and Magisters ("There's bodies in the streets - this place isn't free, not anymore.")
  • Elf chatting with the traders ("All those broken arrows. You've got your work cut out." / "What a pile of junk!" etc.)
  • Trader Jemason ("Get outta here, ya dirty mutt!")
  • Trader Keyren
  • Trader Non
  • Ghada Ganem
  • Trader Firiel ("The most marvelous magic, right at your fingertips!")
  • Trader Aravae ("I help you to know and understand.")
  • Pilgrims and children reciting the Endless Prayer ("I pledge my heart, oh Lucian. Please return.")
  • Lizard pilgrims who wanted to see the painting exhibit ("What? But we came all this way!")
  • Travelers and traders in the Pilgrim camp
  • Some of Malady's dialogue ("Don't have many more of those up my sleeve...") (maybe a fun fact I wanted to share: her name in the game files is "River")


I removed the dialogues that were the most repetitive - some of them I could still hear even after 6 months without playing the game :')
If you have other suggestions or requests don't hesitate to ask and I will see what I can do! The editing is not complicated but sometimes it's tricky to find where specific dialogues are stored.

I tested the mod in all areas where NPCs were modified but I have not played extensively while using it. The changes are very light and shouldn't conflict with anything (unless another mod edits the same dialogue files), but please tell me if you experience any issue!


Unzip the mod and drop the .pak file in \Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mods. Installing this mod will prevent achievements from being granted, unless you use another tool (like Norbyte's Script Extender) to allow achievements to work while using mods.