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Removes level caps from civil & combat abilities, attributes, and player level, as well as changes some values to leveling/character creation.

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DE Version now here!
Hello! This is the DE version of my mod Level Cap Removal and Rebalance I wasn't planning on making a DE version until the new engine was released for the public, but while I was sitting in my discord someone joined my channel, explained they really love my mod, and have used it since the very first day they saw it, and that for the past 3-4 days they were constantly checking it to see if I would update it. He was a little shy at first but we spent some time talking whilst I was playing divinity (just seeing what was new in the definitive version) and when I mentioned I was waiting for the engine to release I could hear the excitement from his voice, happy that i was actually going to update it. It was at that moment that I said to myself "f**k it, get off your a*s and update your mod, you don't need no engine to tell you what you can and cannot do", and now here we are. Now that you know my motivation, I am gonna add the original DESC from my mod bellow this, with a few changes most likely. Thank you "Grandpa Muffin" for motivating me, hope you, your friends, and anyone else who liked my mod continue to get enjoyment from this.

A Lucky Break & Auspicious Beginning
For those who are looking for lucky break here, please go to Mwulf's mod page, Once again to anyone who ended up with my broken Auspicious Beginning, my sincerest apologies! I will be sure to be testing mods before release them!

Version 3.5 is here!
   I have played around with some things here and there in an attempt to make my mod feel a bit more balanced, including nerfing character stats, and buffing enemy stats. These changes are only for the "classic" and "tactician" difficulties, and if you do not like them, you can always use v3. Whats new? well I am glad you asked, I nerfed shops dropping items, to 90% of items being dropped, to make sure there is still a slight punishment for killing people! you no longer naturally get more spell slots, since you get +3 attributes a level with my mod, it makes you choose weather or not to have more slots or more stats. I nerfed the necromancy life steal and summon stats, mainly because they are pretty over powered early/mid game, and can ruin the late game completely. that being said, I also nerfed damage in general, plus made vitality smaller, and armor bigger. Keep in mind that these are changes that I'm still thinking about, and are subject to change later.

Level Cap Re-balance mod

This is a mod that is a solution/fix to an already existing mod Weight and Level Cap mod. as of this moment the mods creator Gid2525 has fixed his mod, and I recommend that if you're looking for a mod built more for convenience then check out his mod. Also I noticed at the time that pick-pocketing requires thievery of equal level to the npc level, meaning you would never be able to keep up with your thievery and past fort joy's island would be almost impossible to pick pocket anyone. so I looked at the mod KTGrowth, and did something similar with my mod, since otherwise the mod would be incompatible with my mod/level cap mods in general. Note that the thievery problem has been fixed, meaning there is no need to really change around the level balancing, but since I have gotten used to it, and people really like the KTGrowth mod, I'm still keeping it. As well as looked at Lucky Breaks & Auspicious Beginnings, and took some ideas (not as strong as the mod) in adding some points in character creation, once again no longer needed, but I don't like how little the Vanilla game gives you, and I feel that LB&AB gives you a little too much for a balanced game experience.

This is my fix mod, I made it for me and my friends but seeing how people were asking for others to make a not laggy level cap mod so I uploaded it here. This is no longer the case, however I feel my mod is different enough from other level cap mods, to warrant keeping it up to date. Note that, I am not a regular modder, and unfortunately cannot provide 24/7 "customer service" I will try my best to look at problems, but no promises.

Difference between mine and gid2525 mods:
   Well, when i play games modded i try to keep things balanced as much as
 possible, and i feel like my mod reflects that. Gid2525's mod is more
about removing all limits and making the game more convenient.

Things Gid's mod does that mine doesn't.
    -Removes accuracy penalty for using weapons above your level.
    -Greatly increases carrying weight/carrying weight scaling.
    -Optional- Increase of weapon range cap.

Things my mod does that Gid's doesn't.
    -Re-balances points granted for each level.
    -Slightly increases carrying weight/carrying weight scaling.
    -Stores drop all items up to 300 on death.
    -Re-balances points in character creation.

What my mod does:
Level Cap Increases
    -Attribute, Combat Abilities, and Character Level caps are set to 100  
    -Civil Ability cap is set to 10
(with a 20 & 30 version available)

    -Levels between talent points is 4 instead of 5
    -Levels between civil abilities is 2 instead of 3
    -Gain 3 attribute points per level instead of 2
    -Combat abilities leveling unchanged
    -Base weight set to 50lbs from 0
    -Weight per STR point changed to 20lbs from 10lbs
    -Stores now drop 90% of their stock, up to 300 items on death
-Removed natural memory gain (usually you gain 1 memory slot every 2 levels, now removed)
    -Summoned minions now only get a 3.5 stat boost per level in summoning (vanilla is 5)
-Life-steal from necromancy reduced to 7.5 per level, instead of 10
-Classic difficulty players nerfed slightly

(Armor boost +35%, Magic Armor boost +20%, Vitality boost -30%, Damage boost -10%, Max AP +2 )
-Tactician difficulty players nerfed very slightly more
(Armor boost +35%, Magic Armor boost +20%, Vitality boost -30%, Damage boost -20%, Max AP +2 )
-Classic difficulty NPCs buffed slightly
(Armor boost +25%, Armor growth +10%, Magic Armor boost +10%, Magic Armor growth +10%, Vitality boost +40%,
Damage boost +20%, Damage growth +15%, Accuracy +10%, +Pawn Talent
-Tactician difficulty NPCs buffed slightly more
(Armor boost +50%, Armor growth +20%, Magic Armor boost +20%, Magic Armor growth +20%, Vitality boost +75%,
Damage boost +50%, Damage growth +30%, Accuracy +10%, Dodge +5%, +Hothead Talent, +Pawn Talent

Character Creation Boost
    -Number of starting talent points is 2 instead of 1
    -Number of starting combat abilities is 4 instead of 2
    -Number of starting civil abilities is 2 instead of 1
    -Number of starting attributes is 3 instead of 2

   -My mod is incompatible with any mod that edits character creation, or anything to do with the "data.txt" file, if a mod is incompatible then i recommend Norbyte's unpacker tool, it allows the unpacking of .pak files for DOS1 and DOS2, so you can make it compatible yourself, it will take a bit of learning.
   -The mods i listed above unfortunately are not compatible, but with LB&AB, you can just use my compatible version.
-Custom Classes, are not compatible with the extra points my mod gives the normal classes, but that doesn't mean you cannot use the skills from that class, just because you select "ranger" doesn't mean you have to spec as one, just pick a default class that has a similar look to what you want then re-spec it to how the custom class has theirs.

   -download one of 3 versions of the mod.
   -open the .zip folder with winrar/7zip or if you have windows 10 just open it.
-Choose between the "Compatible" version, which removes adding points to character select, making it compatible with LB&AB.
   -place the .pak file into Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition\Mods folder.

   -then in the main menu you should have the option to enable the mod.

Recommended Mods:
These are mods that I personally recommend you use with or without my mod.
Level up all your equipment, including uniques! By: LadyCassandra. This is just a great mod! I always regretted finding something with really good stats, but just too low of a level to actually justify using it, but this mod lets you level your equipment up to you, or even past you. but don't be creeping on the little girl.
-Any of Odins class reworks/additions By: Odinblade96. Odins mods usually turn out great, cannot get enough of them! hope he eventually reworks all the mage trees! I would highly recommend checking him out. Although if you have steam you may want to check out his mods there (for convenience)
-Bartering Tweaks By: LaughingLeader. As someone who usually plays with friends, it always sucks when you have to let one person be the merchant of the group, thank god Larian made lucky charm global, but I definitely feel this mod should just be added to the game in some way. Although if you have steam you may want to check out his mods there (for convenience)
-Interesting Uniques By: Bardblue. I use most of bard's mods, Bard, Odin, Laughing are all great mod makers, would really recommend checking them out. Although if you have steam you may want to check out his mods there (for convenience)
-Lucky Breaks and Auspicious Beginnings By: Mwulf. Big thanks to Mwulf for putting up with my shenanigans on DE release, if you feel like early game is too hard, then I would highly recommend checking out LB&AB.

(if you know a mod/have a mod that you think goes well with mine, let me know and I'll test it out and add it here)

   -Frames can drop slightly, but that is not that big of a deal.
   -Loading times are increased, not much i can do.

If you ever need me, or even just want to talk, hang out, maybe even play some divinity? I am always down, and everyone is welcome to hang out!
Steam: [BC] Ere376
Discord: Ere376#5753
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/m2g9dVN