Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition
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  1. kchampagne
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    I just randomly happened to come to the nexus site and came across this. WOW. I am going to test it now. But if it works properly then a HUGE thank you! The icon atlas bug has actually caused me to restart the game several times because i am super OCD :P And trying to figure out if it was even a bug or a mod conflict took forever. Eventually I started weeding down on my mods and being overly organized with my inventory..... just to avoid the bug. You should really considering publishing this on the steam site if that's possible. If not, then maybe mention/link to it in the LeaderLib mod description. I think a lot of people would want this bug fixed!
    1. LaughingLeader
      • supporter
      • 208 posts
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      Publishing this mod on Steam is currently impossible, since it requires overriding the atlas files in Public/Shared/GUI, and I can't include that folder in the steam publish (it auto-includes the folders when publishing that way, while for the Nexus release, I can manually create the pak).

      Would take some sort of external editor hack, that would allow me to include other project folders for the Steam publish, to be able to do that unfortunately.
  2. deleted25518024
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    A much needed mod. Thank you.