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Adds a new class with 16 new skills to the game: The Duelist! A swashbuckling adventurer who swings around on chandeliers and rescues buxom maidens!

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Important: Please remember that the Nexus version is usually going to be a couple versions behind the steam version. If you have the game through steam, I strongly recommend you head over to the steam workshop pick up the mod there.

Adds a new class to the game: The Duelist! A swashbuckling adventurer who swings around on chandeliers and rescues buxom maidens!
The concept behind the class is an honorable, lawful good type adventurer who wields a single blade and an empty off-hand. They are bound by a strict code of honor and their own sense of fair play. The duelist is all about being the hero that saves the day, not through world-bending magic, or sheer brute force, or even though sneaking and stabbing. The duelist saves the day with nothing but his honor and his unmatched mastery of the blade.
This class mod is a personal creation that I've made 100% to satisfy my own need to play this kind of character in Divinity Original Sin 2, so don't expect Odinblade/Heleane quality class-building here, but I've tried to make it fun and flavorful, so I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless. The skills give a different flair to vanilla skills as well as mixing warfare and scoundrel skills together.
About what I said earlier, the only weapon restrictions on the skills is that you have a melee weapon equipped, so you can dual wield while playing this class, but I'll be balancing it around using a single weapon, so you may find that the abilities could be overpowered while dual wielding. Speaking of balancing, this mod is very new and I haven't had much time to test the skills in actual gameplay yet, so any feedback on how strong or weak they are will be greatly appreciated, and I will tweak accordingly. Keep in mind that I use the word "Balance" quite loosely here, as these skills are meant to be and feel powerful. Both to make up for the lack of an offhand, but also to complete the class fantasy of a skilled swordsman.

That's pretty much it! Like I said, this is still very much a work in progress, and I'd very much appreciate any comments or suggestions for improvement. Special thanks to Andrine as well as LaughingLeader, OdinBlade, The Composer, RestingLichFace, Murderbot, Nimue and all the rest of the gang at the DOS2 Modding Discord who made this idea possible despite my ridiculous lack of modding-prowess. Also, if you're interested in making a class of your own, check out Helaene's Class making tutorial. It was absolutely invaluable in helping me get this thing made!