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Play through DOS2 as the Avatar. Bend Water, Earth, Fire, and Air with 34 new skills. In addition to the new skills, this mod adds a handful of statuses to the game, both of which will hopefully work together to make you feel like a super-cool element-bending baddie-ender.

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Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop the Void. But when the world needed them the most. They vanished to Fort Joy. You've discovered the lost techniques of the Avatar, and though the powers within are great, you've still got a lot to learn before you're ready to save anyone. But I believe, you can save the world.

Hey there DOS2 community. I'm glad you decided to check out this mod. I love the Avatar and think it is a fantastic example of world building and creativity. I'm still pretty new to DOS2 and this is the first mod I've ever created, so seven handfuls of salt is required in everything forthcoming.

At last count this mod adds 34 skills and a handful of statuses to the game which will hopefully work together to make you feel like a super-cool element-bending baddie-ender. You should be able to find all the skillbooks in two locations, in a chest called 'Avatar's Lost Techniques'. One is on Fort Joy (near the execution scene) and one is on the Lady Vengeance once you get to Reaper's Coast. 

Once you've acquired all the skillbooks, go ahead and use the skill Avatar Prowess, this will unlock the four bending stances. Each stance lets you bend a different element and will transform your current skills, in addition to providing a significant buff to your character. Note that you may only have one stance active at a time, but switching elements is easy and only costs 1 AP.

That's it, you should be good to go!

Please Note:

The Avatar is a BEAST. You will be powerful. VERY POWERFUL. 

I made this mod so that I could play on Tactician with the Lone Wolf talent, while using the following mods:
-Monster Madness
-Enemy Randomization
-Tougher Bosses
-Monster Scaling (+ level)
-More Monster Spawns

I use other mods as well, but these are the ones that are gonna make the game hard enough where "only the Avatar" can prevail.

I hope to continue refining and improving this mod to make it feel like you really are the Avatar. Please help me do that by asking questions, reporting bugs, and leaving suggestions. Thank you.

Shout out to OdinBlade and all the beautiful souls on the Divinity:Original Sin discord channel for helping me along the way! Thank You.