Divinity: Original Sin 2
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Integrated mods:

1) Additional Skill Synergy & Strategy: adds several new useful abilities to each skill tree. The majority of these are fairly well balanced. I've already removed the only three questionable ones: cursed cloak, curse weapon, and flesh sacrifice. None of the other skills are problematic balance wise, but I'll be doing a balance passover for minor adjustments in the next release.

2) Fort Joy Respec Mirror

3) Male and female elf clothing and armor replaced with human garments aesthetic change (the elf armor is hideous)

4) My own monolithic balance and QOL overhaul with all changes documented below

Stat changes:

1) Con: Increased con gains per point from 7% to 9%. The payoff for investing in con was not high enough compared to damage attributes

2) Necromancy: Lifesteal changed from 10% per point invested to 6%. Unbalanced for numerous builds to get enormous lifesteal with barely any investment.

3) Spears: scale with strength instead of finesse so they aren't useless items you sell to vendor

Skill Changes:

1) Mosquito swarm: lowered cooldown from 4 to 3 to make up for necromancy lifesteal reduction, lack of early necro dmg spells, and to shift lifesteal to a more active instead of passive component

2) Battlestomp: lowered range from 10m to 6m, raised damage to 75% multiplier

3) Battering ram: lowered range from 12m to 10m and raised damage to 60% multiplier

4) Fireball: This skill's damage radius was enormous making it very unwieldly to use, causing too much friendly fire problems, and also feeling pretty weak compared to it's D&D style counterparts. To fix these problems:

- damage radius lowered from 3 to 2

- cooldown lowered from 4 to 3,

- raised range from 13m to 15m

- raised AP cost from 2 to 3

- raised multiplier from 1 to 1.35, which is mostly comparable to other 3AP damage spells like hail storm that debuff their own damage type except you get the effect of burning for additional damage instead of frozen CC, so it's overall balanced well

5) Flaming Daggers: Overall, I find the mechanic of having to click 3 times to use this ability annoying and doesn't really bring much to the table to have it multi-targetable, so I converted it to a single projectile. The damage was also set to scale terribly for this skill making it useless later and they seem to make believe being multi-targetable makes up for the low damage when it doesn't. Since a throwing dagger tends to be short range, I dramatically decreased it's range to 8m while upping the multiplier from 0.25 x 3 to 1.0 x 1

6) Electric discharge (lightning bolt) damage multiplier bumped slightly from .9 to .95 to keep up with early game strategies of spamming fire and poison all over the landscape

7) Added a resurrection spell to water magic - 4AP cost, 5 skill in water required. It's stocked on vendors or you can make it by combining 1 restoration skillbook and 1 resurrect scroll

8) Sneak AP cost changed from 4 to 2

Resist changes:

1) Melee orientated status debuffs added:

- Status Knocked down: -10% physical resist
- Status Blind: -10% physical resist
- Status Disarmed: -10% physical resist
- Status Sleeping: -15% physical resist

2) Small changes in resist debuffs to better distribute them and thematically make more sense:

- Warm: -10% fire, +10% water, +5% air
- Burning: -20% fire, +20% water, +10% air
- Necrofire: -20% fire, +20% water, +10% air
- Shocked: -15% air, +15% earth
- Stunned: -15% air, +15% earth
- Wet: -20% air, -10% water, +10% fire
- Chilled: -10% air, -15% water, +10% fire, +10% poison
- Frozen: -20% water, +20% fire, +20% poison
- Poisoned: -15% poison
- Petrified: -20% earth, +20% fire, +20% air, +20% poison

Surface changes:

Hazardous surfaces cause a little more damage to step on them. It was a bit too easy to ignore damage surfaces before. A lot of people just stand in them not even caring. In terms of thematic ranking for level of unpleasantness, I would rank them as:

necrofire > fire > cloud poison > static cursed > static > ooze

They have all been adjusted accordingly to those parameters:

- Necrofire surface multiplier changed from .25 to .33

- Fire surface multiplier changed from .17 to .25

- Cloud poison multiplier changed from .17 to .24

- Static cursed multiplier changed from .15 to .22

- Static multiplier changed from .10 to .20

- Ooze multiplier remains the same at .17

- The actual status effect damage of burning, poisoned, and such remains unchanged

Difficulty - These are three versions of this mod. Larian originally balanced each difficulty level in a poor manner by just applying things like a flat 50% enemy armor, HP, and damage bonus to create tactician mode. All this does is turn every enemy in the game whether it's a mage or a warrior into a tank and makes no sense. It also makes mixed damage parties less viable like 2 mages and 2 melee where you feel like you have to use the dual armor damage mod to fix it.

This is why I have created each difficulty mode by not altering enemy armor at all. This allows mixed party compositions, allows crowd control mages to actually function, and overall feels way more similar to DOS1 and similar RPG games.

- Standard old school classic RPG difficulty: +35% enemy damage, +0% enemy armor, +25% enemy HP

- Tactician as it should have been: +50% enemy damage, +0% enemy armor, +40% enemy HP

- Similar mode to current tactician: +50% enemy damage, +0% enemy armor, +70% enemy HP

These settings are applied to both classic and tactician mode in each file you download. With the con changes, that +40% HP for the middle setting is going to be more like +40% for mages and archers and +50-55% for enemy tanks.