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  1. DoseAu
    • premium
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    Hi Kassant,

    As per the other comments are you planning to release the DE version of this? or is there somewhere I can find the source code so I can give it a crack?

    Thanks heaps for your mods they are a much needed addition to this game!

    Your Pal,
  2. CorinneNiTa
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    I absolutely loved this mod (and Unchain-Chain) in Classic, since they add so much comfort with so few changes. Unfortunately, both do not work with DE yet. Can you update them?

  3. cazinnova345
    • premium
    • 62 posts
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    Hi kassent, I use all your mods dos2/skyrim. always such good work from you. Are you planning to also update these other mods to go with the achievements mods for dos2? If not apprecciate your stuff all the same.
  4. Horrd
    • supporter
    • 57 posts
    • 5 kudos
    Hi kassent,

    thanks a lot for all your mods! They are a big help and I use most of them. Great work!
    But there is several things that still annoy me, and it seems they are not modable via the mod engine, so maybe you could change things for the better with your method?
    I adress this here, because it is your latest mod and maybe other people might second the suggestions or add to them. (I hope I didn't overlook a better place to do this, if so gimme a hint, please)
    So, my main annoyances are about containers in general.
    1. You think it might be possible to make a hotkey or several hotkeys to sort containers by type, value weight etc.? I really don't knwo why they didn't implement that.
    2. And another thing is, that when you want to craft things and use objects from containers in your inventory, you have to click the character who is carrying them in order to open them from the crafting menu. Or the other way around: I open the crafting menu and see all items in all inventories below. Now I want to combine something in an inventory and an item in a bag carried by another character, or I want to combine items in different bags carried by different characters, I first have to click the character carrying the bag before I can actually open the bag. You think it is possible to change it so that you can open any bag from the crafting menu?
    3. Also when crafting there is another annoyance, that could maybe be corrected. When you craft things with multiple identical ingredients, like small rune + small rune + pixie dust, as soon as you split a stack of the ingredients, the one item that gets to the recipe combination stays in the place where the stack was before, and the rest of the stack is put into the next free space. Like that you always have to look for the stack to put the next item into the recipe... it could be the other way around so it would not be so annoying.

    I hope these suggestions make sense to you and I described them understandably... :-)
    Thanks for considering!

    Best regards!