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Reduce XP granted by killing mob / bosses.

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Reduce XP granted by killing mob / bosses.

This mod was made in the first place to reduce XP gained when using along with Monster Scaling mod, specially while setting up scaling level +2 or superior

Still you can use this mod to give you more challenge by reducing XP gain but i would advise you to use it along with the mod above to keep the leveling experience as close as the normal game while increasing the difficulty with level scaling which is pretty neat.

XP difference you should expect to see when killing a mob with the mod on :
- XP gain reduction beetwen 50 to 80% even on bosses
- No change in the XP gained on certains mobs because the amount is already the minimal value for the mob level ( should happen only on a few mobs and XP gained should not exceed bosses or other mobs of the same level )

If you find mob giving abnormal amount of XP or mob not giving any XP at all while they should, please report it in the comments below so i can fix it asap.