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Adds Slay Living & Mass Slay Living

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Have you ever just wanted a fight to be over? Enemies wont stop spawning? Ever feel like the game is giving you the middle finger? Now you can give it right back.

This mod isnt balanced and was never intended to be. Sometimes a man just wants to hurry up and put some bodies on the ground so he can do something else, like take a nap, finish a quest, or drop the kids off, etc. The mod adds 2 new spells, Slay Living, (for single targets) and Mass Slay Living, (for when one at a time aint fast enough). Spells can be used by anyone, anytime, at zero cost, and without initiating combat.

The Skillbooks can be crafted by throwing a couple of fishbones together, (2 for slay and 3 for mass) and are not consumed when read.