Improved Random Item Affixes by dip0
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Added: 12/10/2017 - 05:50PM
Updated: 13/10/2017 - 11:36PM

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Last updated at 23:36, 13 Oct 2017 Uploaded at 17:50, 12 Oct 2017

MOD - Improved Random Item Affixes

Tired of random loot giving you items that boost skills you really don't want and waiting for the merchant to then refresh their inventory in 1 hour? Look no further! This mod reduces the number of rollable affixes / boosts for items so that generated items are more likely to be useful and desirable for your heroes!

Additionally, there is a separate version that ensures Strength Armors no longer get Finesse/Intelligence boosts and vice versa!

This mod removes the following affixes / boosts from randomly generated items (does not affect unique items)

- Movement
- Initiative
- HP
- Telekinesis
- Bartering
- Sneaking
- Loremaster
- Life steal (for balance reasons, Necromancy still available)
- A few on-hit weapon triggers (Petrify, Bleeding, Suffocate)
- Single handed on Daggers
- Damage Reflection
- Retribution
- All active skills/spells

This mod is compatible with any mod which does not change DeltaModifiers.txt
This mod is fully savegame compatible and will not break existing items before or after installing the mod

To use, extract the folder into your Divinity 2\Data folder (Installation directory, NOT Documents)
It should then look like this: Data\Public\Shared\Stats\Generated\DeltaModifier.txt

The game WILL give you a corrupted / modified file error on each game launch - this means the mod is working rather than broken.

This mod does NOT disable achievements!

Credit to gid2525 for his help with providing a base file and testing this idea!