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NEW DRUID CLASS: Polymorph into different animals! Each with their own unique abilities!

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NEW DRUID CLASS: Polymorph into different animals! Each with their own unique abilities!

Bear - basic tank and melee
Wolf - basic dps with some extra abilities
Crocodile - mixed tank/dps - lower movement
Owl - super mobile
Spider - dps with lots of movement impairing effects - does poison damage with melee (do not open inventory when in this form!)
Turtle - really tanky w/ support skills
Crab - it's tiny with super overpowered damage but has no movement - inspired by Septa the Ineffable!
Dragon - big! lots of AOE that can apply statuses - extra AP and damage - does fire damage with melee
Tree - Healing Form! No offensive capability
Frog - Do Water damage with melee and abilities - requires Hydro skill
Djinn - Do Air damage with melee and abilities - requires Aero skill
Demon - Requires Necro skill
Chaos - Requires 2 in all elemental skills - Unleash the powers of Chaos
Unstable - Erratic -- My favorite!
Blob - It's weird...
Tiger - Stealthy Killer -- All attacks have a chance to make invisible!
Mole - A creature in attunement with Earth magic - Can become a Forest Guardian
Dragonling - Born of fire
Forest Guardian -- (temporarily unavailable)
Disrupter - Mass debuffs, extremely useful with mages in the group
Commander - Summon all the Forms to do battle for you, or step beyond the Veil and return more powerful... 



There is an ability when you shapeshift into an animal form, to go back to your original form, use this first, then choose another form to go into!

I highly recommend that you keep your bar 1 clear (cycle through your skill bars by pressing 'R' and 'F'), and have only your shapeshifting skills there or on another bar. The abilities you get in animal form only appear on bar 1! Sorry!


There is a vendor at the Beach Waypoint at Fort Joy
There is a vendor at the magic Mirror on Lady Vengeance
There is a vendor at the bunks on 1st floor Lady Vengeance
There is a vendor at the Stern on the top deck of Lady Vengeance (Maybe?)
Requires Polymorph to learn skills


!! Look at my other mods for Druid Class - Infinite Turn Polymorphs! - this will make your polymorphs last until cancelled - NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BALANCED GAMEPLAY - !! 

2 Turns in the forms not enough? This adds an extra turn to every form!



Future Plans:

Icons updates
Voidwoken shifter forms! <-- I need suggestions on what skills to give the forms!
Balancing updates
New abilities/skills for forms
Other forms! Suggestions are welcome!
Eventually will update tooltips and skill descriptions...

Upcoming Patch: 

Balance Issues being worked on


I'm out of the country for a little over a week and will not be able to work on this at all, I will look at all comments and feedback when I return!



Recent Updated Notes: (for full notes - see Patch Notes Discussion)
**Balancing pass**
**Added new Tree Form abilities (WIP)**
**Removed weapon requirements from skills**
**Added new skills to Tree Form**
**Various bug fixes**
**New portal effect for Vieled Form**
**Attempted to add Vendors to the Top Deck of Lady Vengeance by the Stern again**
**Balance changes**
**Huge revision - Cannot use magic while in Forms now!** (Many skills do different damage now, please inform me of balance issues! I definitely missed a couple things) - overall this is a buff to all spell casting forms.
All buffs/heals to allies do a very small amount of damage as well, due to the way this had to be implemented
**Commander Form - added cooldowns to summons**
**Disrupter Form - fixed the stupid wings in the tail**
**Slight nerfs to Demon form**

**Updated Vendor**
**Balance changes for Unstable Form**
**Added Commander Form** (Chaos Form is not summonable, and Unstable form doesn't do Chaos damage, some summons cause lag due to Divinity Engine Bugs)
**Added Disrupter Form**
**Added another Form**

FEEDBACK WELCOME! Finding balance is an ongoing struggle - all feedback is extremely helpful for improving this mod! Also - try not to transition between zones (using ladders or things) while in shapeshifted forms!



In some shapeshifting forms, if you open your character page, the game will crash (currently known issue: Spider form - let me if know if there are any other issues!)

<FIXED>If you shapeshift, while already in a shapeshift form, the previous form can become your default character - with no way to go back to your actual character! (Implemented a fix for this, but cannot guarantee that it works 100% of the time!) In order to prevent this issue, you need to change back to your original form before transforming into another form.

If you shapeshift into Veiled (Werewolf) Form, from Commander Form, sometimes your abilities will not be there 

<FIXED>Possibly some issues related with chicken claw causing you to get stuck in a Form, I made all Forms immune to chicken claw, but haven't tested to confirm!

<FIXED> ***DO NOT SHAPESHIFT INTO ANOTHER FORM, WHILE IN A SHAPESHIFT FORM! *** This can cause your default character to turn into a Form, the only way to fix this is to reload a save! I -- Fixed by removing the ability to shapeshift while in a Form.