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Adds a new starting class with 22 new skills. I will update this mod as I make progress.

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Updated to Definitive Edition

Game might take longer than usual to load for the first time enabling the mod, but will be fine if you load a save game where the mod was already enabled.

Available on the steam workshop:

Void Knight Class (old version)

Void Knight Class (DE version)

You might need to delete the nexus version when switching over

If you want fancy new skills and to feel like an absolute beast, this mod is for you.

Currently adds 22 skills in total including 4 Starter (lv.1), 4 Novice (lv.4), 5 Adept (lv.9), 3 Master (lv.13), 1 Summon and 5 Dragon Form skills.

There are new void traders across the world so this also works on pre-existing saves, but obviously you will need to buy the skillbooks.


  • In fort joy the trader is next to a cage at the main square of the fort.
  • In the rest of the game the trader is on the lady vengance.

The traders will appearently run away if they see combat and end up in one of the corners in their spawn area. If they disappeared, this is a possibility.

  1. Extract the .rar into Documents\Larian Studios\*Divinity Original Sin 2* *Definitive Edition*\Mods
  2. Enable the mod in the main menu


  • Compatible with everything as far as I know.

  • If you are using any mod that changes status effects, put them after this mod in the load order.(Penetrating Debuffs for example. You need to do this because I changed weak to be resisted by physical armor and back to magical armor for the "Magical CC" add-on.)

  • If you want this mod to work with X mod that edits class presets:

  1. Extract my mod's pak 
  2. Find the ClassVoidKnight.lsx file
  3. Edit the variables you want (GUIDE)
  4. Make a new project and put the .lsx file under Divinity Original Sin 2\Data\Mods\*YOUR MOD*\CharacterCreation\ClassPresets
  5. Local publish it and enable it in-game

Sorry, I can't make a new optional file for every mod out there. This will work even if I make updates to my mod.


Void Knight Free Pet Pal Add-on

An Auspicious Beginning Add-on

Free Source Skills Add-on

All the optional files have to be loaded after the main file, otherwise they won't work.

Version 2.2
  • Updated to DE

Void Knight mod is now available for Definitive Edition

If you find any bugs let me know, I don't have time to test