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This mod adds and rebalances many skills, items, status effects, talent requirements, and various other things to make bad things better and overpowered things less effective. My primary motivation is to balance the game, but also to make combat more complex and fun.

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READ THE README (far right on the mod sidebar, below the "Views") for a full list of changes.

This page got too big to maintain. See posts for change logs for latest versions.

This mod adds and rebalances many skills, items, status effects, talent requirements, and various other things to make weak things better and overpowered stuff less effective. My primary motivation is to balance the game, but also to make combat and loot more complex and fun. I'm only editing stats files and lsb files, which do not require the editor, but there's still quite a bit I can do. Quite a lot I can't, as well, but you can make a request and I'll see if I can change something.

Feedback is very much appreciated. Let me know if I made any changes that I didn't note here (probably did), if anything isn't working or unbalanced, or future changes you'd to see. I really have no idea how the accumulation of all these changes and additions will affect the game as a whole, so don't expect perfect balance. As such, consider this mod in beta.

There's also a standalone Tactician NPC stat increase file that buffs Tactician NPC health by 100%, as well as their movement speed, bodybuilding/willpower and initiative. A toned down version (less health increase) of this is included in the main version of Scales. Don't use this file and Scales at the same time.

Мод "Scales" теперь доступен на русском языке! Файлы русификации можно скачать ЗДЕСЬ. Комментарии обо всех ошибках/неточностях в переводе мода можно оставить там же, на странице форума, посвященной русской локализации "Scales", или отправить в ЛС автору перевода, пользователю noveletta.

Main changes:

25 new skills, including 8 telekinesis spells, skills for lockpicking, and other neglected abilities. Several ability bonuses have been removed from items.

Some abilities buffed, like sneaking, which will grant you AP recovery/maximum (up to +4 on sneaking 5 as a refund for sneaking), +initiative, +damage boost, +hit chance, and +move speed.)

Convenience factors like 25 AP potion for healing after combat, faster enemies, vendors sell all skillbooks for their respective schools, etc.

Tactician NPCs have buffed willpower/bodybuilding, initiative, and move speed.

Loot greatly improved: more variety of random modifiers, more than a dozen unique items added, more satisfying boss loot overall.

TONS of skills and items rebalanced.

Buffs to several talents, like guerilla granting a damage boost on going invisible, or Anaconda giving you a chance to weaken targets when you deal crushing damage. Also some talent requirement changes.

READ THE README (far right on the mod sidebar, below the "Views") for a full list of changes. Or download the mod and a text of the changes will be included.

This mod is largely intended for Tactician mode, but everything should work well enough in Normal mode as well.

This mod also includes Vrakyas's font change and Kidling's Movement speed mod (5.00, 33% faster than vanilla). If you don't like the font, delete the GUI folder. If you don't like the movement speed, delete the player.lsb file in the root templates folder.


Place the Mods and Public folders in your the Data folder of your game directory (Usually .../steamapps/common/Divinity Original Sin EE/Data). Rename the MainLSF.pak in your game directory to MainLSF.pak.original. This may seem weird, but as far as I can tell, MainLSF is for modders. A lot of things won't work if you don't do this. Don't rename the folders or change the structure. All players need the mod for the effects to work for everyone. Other players can join, but they won't see all the changes without. 

Put the“English” folder in the Localization folder of the Scales download into the Localization folder of your game directory. Rename the “English.pak” file to “English.pak.original” or remove it from the folder. This is necessary to see the new talent descriptions and loading screen hints.

Everything should work in an existing playthrough, though I cannot guarantee that something isn't bugged (I haven't thoroughly tested every change.) I don't think it'll break your game, but backup your save anyway. Treasure table changes (lucky charm and boss loot) might not change until you move to the next level. You'll get best results from a new playthrough, but I don't think it's necessary. The only thing that might bug your game is having the "Avoid Opportunists" talent on a ranger with no points in scoundrel. If you have a ranger with this talent, you can go into the "Requirements.txt" file and change the requirement back to "RangerLore."

I can't guarantee that if you uninstall the mod after using it for a while your save will still work, especially if you've learned any of my custom skills (like the telekinesis ones.) Unfortunately you can't "Forget" skills under the Special tab, and I'm not sure if the respec gets rid of them either. I think if you really want to get rid of the mod, you go to the Skilldata.txt, change the skills to have an ability requirement (like Warrior, but probably for an ability you have) instead of "None," and then forget them ingame, then make sure you have nothing else that the mod added (such as the convenient healing potion) and delete the files. I still can't guarantee you're save will work, but that's worth trying at least.

If you only want certain features, or want everything except a couple changes, you can ask and I can point the way, but I'm not going to make a customized mod for every person. Some requests may just involve deleting some of the files, while others will involve editing specific lines (use Notepad++ so things are on separate lines.) It's not that hard to make edits if you just look at what Larian has done and follow the same structure for everything.

If you want a slightly faster or slower player movement speed, Kidling's movement speed mod has more options (I prefer the 5.00 version, 6.00 is a bit fast):

Also recommend Vito/A100N's graphic enhancement mod if you want better textures, and Abraxas's "quiet day on the market" mod that reduces the frequency of repeated lines of certain NPCs a bit.


If you like the mod, an endorsement helps other people find it (and sates my ego.) Thanks and enjoy!