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A mod that adds easy to make recipes for armor dyes.

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NOTICE: As far as I know version 1.0 does not work (Goofy Steam publisher based packing tool didn't pack all the file, ugh). I packed 1.1 manually, so it should work fine. Just won't be able to host it on the Steam Workshop. Trying to upload to the Workshop is currently a trainwreck IMO.

Craftable dyes mod for Divinty: Original Sin

Created by MrEsturk
Version 1.1

This mod allows you to craft dyes using easy to find ingredients. It also makes leather and metal helmets dyeable


- Includes recipes for all 6 default game dyes

- Uses relatively easy to find crafting materials.

- Allows metal/leather helmets to be dyed, which was strangely absent in the default game.

- Can be made compatible with existing saves.


-1.1: Added dyeability to leather and metal helmets


- For the Pak version:

Place the folders into your /Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Divinity - Original Sin/data folder. If you got this from the steam workshop that part should already be done for you.

- For the Extracted version

Start the game, activate the mod and either use a new game or use the merging process I'll list below if you want to use this for an existing save.

Start the game, activate the mod and either use a new game or use the merging process I'll list below if you want to use this for an existing save.


Simply delete the Pak file from /Libraries/Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin/Mods


- Step 1: Make a backup save in case you mess something up

- Step 2: Start a new game with ONLY this mod activated. Make a save of it.

- Step 3: Find your savegames folder. It should be /Libraries/Documents/Larian Studios/Divinity Original Sin/PlayerProfiles/*YourProfilesName*

- Step 4: Copy the "meta.lsb" file from the new game save you made over the "meta.lsb" file of your existing save.


NOTE: These recipes where intended to be easy to make, not to be 100% logical.

You must use a character with a crafting level of 2 or higher for these recipes. None of these recipes will destroy the bucket used.

- Red Dye: A bucket + a bottle of wine

- Blue Dye: A bucket + a bottle of water

- Yellow Dye: A bucket + a bottle of beer

- Green Dye: A bucket + a poison flask OR yellow dye + blue dye

- Purple Dye: A bucket + pixie dust OR red dye + blue dye

- Black Dye: A bucket + a cup of oil

- White Dye: A bucket + bone dust

- Dye a Helmet: Just use a dye on them like normal

Remember you can fill empty bottles/cups by draggin them over a barrel of the liquid you want. Beer/Wine barrels can be found pubs. Bone Dust can be made by combining most bones/skulls with a mortar and pestile.


- This mod will not likely work with other recipe mods such as "Fixed and Missing Recipes" by default. You could however possible merge it into another recipe mod by pasting the file contents of my "ItemCombos.txt" and "ItemComboPreviews.lsx" into the another recipe mod's equivilant files. A simple text editor such as wordpad could be used for that.

- I have yet to find the keyword for cloth helmets/cap/hoods, if one even exists, so they aren't supported yet. Sorry :(

- The usual pain in the butt issues with using mods in Divinity.

Additional Credits:

-unuroboros (aka dragonsong): I used his "Fixed and Missing Recipes" as reference on how to set up a recipe mod.

-Larian Studios: For creating the game.