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The Basic version includes fixes, tweaks, and the addition of some missing recipes. The Extended version does the same along with extending the existing system.

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Extract the Data folder into your main Divinity - Original Sin directory.

When installed correctly, you will receive a Warning Message when starting up the game that states you'll be unable to play multiplayer. This is a lie and you can safely ignore it. As long as all players have the same files installed you'll be able to play with no issues.

Basic Version


Chicken Claw (Big) Amulet recipe now produces the correct item.
Magic Claw (Sharp) recipe now produces the correct item.
Joshua's Spice recipe now works.
Crafted Earth Scroll recipe's Summon Earth Elemental and Summon Spider levels were swapped.


Crafted Shield uses a Log instead of a Barrel Lid.
Nail Branch and Cookpot/Pumpkin Helmet now Auto-Level.
Cup of Oil + Metal Armor no longer destroys the Cup.
Bucket of Milk + Empty Cup no longer destroys the Bucket.
[C5] Crafted Staff can now produce Air Staves; there's a possibility of getting a Willpower enchantment; any enchantment can end up paired with any element.
{Wood/Metal Shield + Metal Scraps/Anvil} now requires [B6] for the +Block (H) bonus.
{Metal Armor + Scale/Plate Scraps} requires Blacksmith instead of Crafting.
{Metal Armor/Scraps + Anvil} requires Blacksmith instead of Crafting.
[C2-5] Crafted Earth Scroll recipe now has a chance of Boulder Bash.
Perception Potion now requires [C2].


[C0] Wood Scraps + Cup/Mug/Bottle of Water   = Wood Mush + Empty Cup/Mug/Bottle
[C0] Rags/Shirt/Folded Shirt + Knife/Dagger  = Cloth Scraps
[C0] Log + 2H-Axe                            = Wood Scraps + Branch x2
[C0] Crate/Gen_Wood_Weak + Axe/2H-Axe        = Wood Scraps x2
[C0] Raw Meat + Knife/Dagger                 = Sinew + Bone
[C0] Bucket of Water + Cup/Bottle/Mug        = Filled Cup/Bottle/Mug + Empty Bucket
[C1] Bottle of Water + Arrow Shaft           = Water Arrow
[C2] Healing Potion (M) + Healing Potion (M) = Large Healing Potion

[C1-5] Dye + Helmet = Relevent Color
[C5] Mysterious Dye + Applicable Item = Random Color

[C1] Skull (Ancient/Tattooed) + Pixie Dust = Magic Version
[C1] Antler (Adult) + Pixie Dust = Magic Adult Antler
[C1] Antler (Adult) + Knife/Dagger= Knockdown Arrowhead
[C1] Magic Antler (Adult) + Leather Helmet = Adult Antler Helmet
[C1] Rope + Magic Large Tusk= Large Tusk Belt
[C1] Rope + Magic Lucky Rabbit Foot = Lucky Rabbit Foot Belt
[C1-2] Elemental Essence + Arrowhead = Fire/Freezing/Poison/Stunning Arrowhead
[C5] Log + Rope = Crafted Shield with +Block (S)

[C1] Pearl + Boots = +Cost
[C2-4] Essence + Boots= +Sneak/Elemental Resistance (S)
[C4] Tenebrium + Club = +Tenebrium Damage
[C5] Ruby + Boots = +All Elemental Resistances (S)
[B5] Whetstone/Whetstone Wheel + Knife/Dagger = +Damage (M)

Extended Version

All of the above.


[C5] Crafted Shield now has a chance of getting +Luck (S).
Crossbow Stock recipe now uses Log instead of Branch.
Dyes are infinite use.


[C1] Vial + Fly Agaric Mushroom= White Dye
[C1] Vial + Guepinia Mushroom = Yellow Dye
[C1] Vial + Penny Bun Mushroom = Red Dye
[C2] Vial + Jellyroom = Purple Dye
[C2] Vial + Earth Tongue Mushroom = Green Dye
[C3] Vial + Bluegill Mushroom = Blue Dye
[C4] Vial + Void Essence = Black Dye
[C5] Vial + Drudanae = Mysterious Dye

[C6] Magic Ink & Quill + Blank Fire Scroll = Chance of Lava Core scroll
[C6] Blank Fire Spellbook + Lava Core Scroll = Lava Core Spellbook

[C1] Skull (Ancient) + Magic Ink Pot & Quill = Tattooed Skull
[C2] Healing Potion (L) + Healing Potion (L) = Huge Healing Potion
[C3] Healing Potion (M) + Healing Potion (M) = Huge Healing Potion
[C4] Healing Potion (S) + Healing Potion (S) = Huge Healing Potion

[C6-8] Log + Rope = Crafted Shield now has a chance of +Block (M-H)

[C0-1] Dagger + Cloth/Leather Armor = Cloth/Leather Scraps
[B1] Metal Shield + Furnace = Large Iron bar
[B1-2] Hammer + Metal/Scale/Plate Armor = Metal/Scale/Plate Scraps

[B1-8] Branch + Iron Bar= Crafted Mace (Crafting details same as Axe)
[B2] Large Iron Bar + Leather Scraps= Crafted Metal Shield
[B3-7] Large Iron Bar + Leather Scraps = Crafted Metal Shield with +Block (S-H) or +Luck (S)

[C1] Cloth Scraps + Sinew = Cloth Bracers
[C2] Leather Scraps + Sinew = Leather Bracers
[C4-6] Cloth Scraps + Sinew = Cloth Bracers with chance of +Initiative or +Defense (S-L)
[C5-7] Leather Scraps + Sinew= Leather Bracers with chance +Initiative or +Defense (S-L)
[B3] Metal/Plate Scraps + Sinew (Strong) = Metal Bracers/Plate Gloves
[B4] Scale/Plate Scraps + Sinew (Strong) = Chain/Plate Gloves
[B5-7] Metal/Plate/Scale Scraps + Sinew (Strong) = Metal/Scale/Plate Bracers/Gloves with chance of +Single/2H or +Defense (S-L)

[C4-5] Cloth Scraps + Anvil= Crafted Cloth Boots with chance +Defense boost (M-L)
[C5-7] Cookpot/Pumpkin/Antler/Eye/Starfish/Crab Helmet recipes are enhanced with +Defense (S-L)
[C6-7] Scraps of Cloth + Needle & Thread = Crafted Clothes with chance of +Defense (M-L)
[C6-7] Leather Scraps + Needle & Thread (Magic) = Crafted Leather Armor with chance of +Defense (M-L)
[C6-7] Leather Scraps + Anvil = Crafted Leather Boots with chance of +Defense (M-L)
[B6-7] Metal Scraps + Hammer = Crafted Metal Armor with chance of +Defense (M-L)
[B6-7] Metal Scraps + Anvil= Crafted Metal Boots with chance of +Defense (M-L)

Tenebrium Crafting (crafting details are the same as the non-Tenebrium versions)
- [B2-8] Tenebrium Bar + Forge = Tenebrium Dagger
- [B2-8] Tenebrium Bar + Anvil = Tenebrium Sword/Axe
- [B2-8] Tenebrium Bar + Hammer = Tenebrium Hammer
- [B3-8] Tenebrium Bar + Tenebrium Bar= Tenebrium 2H-Sword/2H-Axe
- [B3-8] Tenebrium Bar + Branch = Tenebrium 2H-Hammer
- [B3-8] Tenebrium Bar + Staff = Tenebrium Scythe
- [B3-8] Tenebrium Bar + Leather Scraps = Tenebrium Shield
- [B4] Tenebrium Weapon/Shield + Furnace = Tenebrium Bar
- [C3-9] Tenebrium + Bowstring = Tenebrium Bow/XBow

[C8/B8] Crafted Weapons & Armor will have two Enhancements.
[B9] Crafted Tenebrium Weapons/Shields will have two Enhancements.

[B3] Tenebrium Bar + Tenebrium Shield= +Durability (S)
[B3-9] Tenebrium Bar + Tenebrium Melee Weapon = +Damage (S-L)
[B4-7] Tenebrium Bar + Tenebrium Shield = +Blocking (S-H)

[C2-6] Tenebrium Bow + Bowstring = +Damage (S-L)
[C3-7] Tenebrium Crossbow + Bowstring= +Damage (S-L)
[C4] Tenebrium Ranged Weapon + Scope = +Perception
[C6] Tenebrium Weapon + Tormented Soul = +Str (S) & +Dex (S)
[C6] Tenebrium Weapon/Shield + Orc Tusk = +Vitality (S)

[C1] Moonstone + Staff/Club= +Damage (S)
[C5] Moonstone + Staff/Club= +Damage (L)
[C6] Bowstring + Bow = +Damage (L)
[C7] Bowstring + XBow= +Damage (L)
[B8] Whetstone/Wheel + Metal Weapon = +Damage (L)

[C5] Orc Horn + Weapon/Armor= +Vitality (S)
[C5-6] Leather/Cloth Helmet/Gloves + Metal Scraps= +Defense (M-L)
[B5] Metal Helmet/Boots + Scale Scraps = +Defense (M)
[B6] Metal Armor/Helmet/Boots/Gloves + Plate Scraps = +Defense (L)

[C8] Repair Hammer + Ring= Unbreakable
[C8] Magic Needle & Thread + Cloth/Leather Equippable Item = Unbreakable
[B8] Repair Hammer + Metal Chest Armor/Helmet/Boots/Weapon= Unbreakable
[B9] Repair Hammer + Tenebrium Weapon/Shield = Unbreakable

[B6] Metal Armor/Shield + Elemental Forge = +Random Elemental Resistance (S); 20% chance of destruction
[B6] Metal Weapon + Elemental Forge = +Random Elemental Damage (S); 20% chance of destruction
[B8] Metal Weapon + Elemental Forge = +Random Elemental Damage (L); 20% chance of destruction

[W2-5] Inkpot & Quill + Blank Fire Scroll = Random Man-At-Arms Scroll
[M2-4] Inkpot & Quill + Blank Water Scroll = Random Marksman Scroll
[S2-4] Inkpot & Quill + Blank Air Skillbook= Scoundrel Skillbook
[C2-5] Man-At-Arms Scroll + Blank Fire Skillbook = Man-At-Arms Skillbook
[C2-4] Marksman Scroll + Blank Water Skillbook= Marksman Skillbook (except Minor Charm)