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Massive gameplay overhaul and content expansion for Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition.

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Welcome to Epic Encounters!

Epic Encounters is a gameplay overhaul and content expansion mod for the main campaign of Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition. The goal of the project is to raise the game's difficulty "to eleven" while also providing so much new content that a fresh playthrough will feel--well, fresh. This is to say that a great deal of combat and character features have been reworked and rebalanced while many new features have been added. The content expansion also includes a large, immersive end-game area-set and story line to test even the most experienced and powerful characters. For a full list of the (numerous) changes made within Epic Encounters, see the readme (over 60-ish pages)--listed below is a short summary of the most notable features.

Please note that, due to the magnitude and nature of changes made within Epic Encounters, you will need to start a new game.
  • If you have a steam installation:
  • Subscribe to Epic Encounters on the steam workshop.
  • Download the "Steam Supplement" file here and extract it into your installation directory.
  • Start the game and activate Epic Encounters from the Mods menu.

  • If you don't have a steam installation:
  • Download the "Epic Encounters" file here and unzip it.
  • Place epic_encounters_071a986c-9bfa-425e-ac72-7e26177c08f6.pak into your Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\Mods Folder (if you do not have a mods folder here, make one).
  • Place the included "Data" folder in your installation directory.
  • Start the game and activate Epic Encounters from the Mods menu.

  • If you have a GoG installation, be sure your game is up-to-date!

Major Features:
  • Beautiful, immersive, brutally difficult endgame area-set and story line accessible from the end portion of "The Phantom Forest" within the base game. This content roughly spans character levels 20-25 and will likely offer seasoned, prepared players at least 24 hours of gameplay.
  • New icons for newly added items/spells, as well some replacements for old content.
  • 45 new spells are added to the game and all previously existing spells have been revised and modified. Most of these spells boast completely new mechanical functionality. Every spell should now feel meaningful and competitive. Check out this awesome spell chart, by YuukiKoto!
  • Talents have been reworked to achieve balance, some of which are now completely unrecognizable.
  • Abilities have been revised, some previously useless abilities (like Charisma or Tenebrium) are very viable and interesting options.
  • Some abilities and talents now provide special "reactions;" effects that your character can perform when a specific scenario occurs outside of her turn.
  • Many new status effects are added to the game.
  • Added MANY new, unique, build-defining weapon modifiers to the game. ***Special thanks to the incomparable Baardvaark for this***
  • Quality-of-life improvements, like increased run/walk animation speeds for players and enemies, required click-confirmation for self-casting spells, automatic out-of-combat healing, and preventing idle animations from playing while it is a player's turn in combat.
  • Rogue characters will find themselves much more useful and exciting to play with the introduction of the "Chain Bonus" system and scaling backstab damage multiplier.
  • Respecialization potions allow players to "respec" much earlier than before.
  • Companions start with most of their attributes/abilities/talents unallocated, allowing players to pursue a greater degree of customization with these characters.
  • Player maximum resistances are capped at 75%, but can surpass this limit with talents, abilities, and spells.
  • Perception has been reworked to grant +2.5% critical chance and +1 initiative per point above 5, making it an incredibly desirable attribute for now-possible "crit-based" builds.
  • Healing magic offers a percentage-based heal in addition to previous "flat" healing, allowing these spells to scale much more favorably into the late-game.
  • Disable immunity system prevents enemies from suffering any given "hard" disable for more than 2 of any given 6 turns, making it much more difficult to control combat.
  • Enemy AI has been improved greatly; creatures with special skills will generally be much more difficult simply because they will use these abilities much more intelligently.
  • In Tactician/Honour mode creatures have ~67% increased vitality, but some creatures may have less or much more.
  • Enemy statistic scaling ensures that combat remains challenging even if you've managed to over-level your opponents (note that this is within reason; a level 5 orc will still probably not be challenging to a level 25 character).
  • Consumables have been rebalanced.
  • Loot in general has been rebalanced to make all item types feel worthwhile. Additionally, loot can now appear with new effects.
  • For a full list of the (numerous) changes made within Epic Encounters, see the readme (over 60-ish pages)

Epic Encounters feeling a bit too difficult on Tactician but too easy on Classic?
You can always download the "Normal Tactician Vitality" version of the mod to tone things down a touch. Doing this doesn't even break your save, so you can swap between these two versions whenever you like!

Know a bit about modding and want to make your own changes to Epic Encounters?
Download the "Developer Edition" version of the mod and extract it into your installation directory to get the "modder's setup." Check out the discussion on steam for quick modification tutorials as well as a brief introduction to Epic Encounters' scripting.

Mod Compilations

  • Navigate to your installation directory. 
  • Go to the Data\Localization\English folder, delete english.xml
  • Go to the Data\Public\Shared\Stats\Generated\Data folder, delete Requirements.txt
  • Go to the Documents\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition\Mods folder, delete epic_encounters_071a986c-9bfa-425e-ac72-7e26177c08f6.pak.
  • Done!

  • (If using the Developer Edition, you'll need to remove everything it contained, but you know how to do that).