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This mod removes the weight of some items and changes the inventory tab of a few of them. Comes in 2 flavours

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First and foremost, I'd like to state that I'm no modder, just an average joe who decided to share a personal file

This mod is for the Enhanced Edition of the game, for the classic edition go here

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So, there's only one mod for the game that makes items weightless, but it doesn't work fine with the Enhanced eDITION, so I decided to make my own and share with the community

Mod has 2 versions:

- the 1st, (hopefully) makes all books, potions and ingredients weightless

- the 2nd, makes all books, potions and ingredients weightless and moves:
* all potions from the consumable tab to the magical tab
* all books from the miscellaneous tab to keys tab
* the lockpick, the trap disarming kit, the shovel and the tongs from miscellaneous tab to the equipment tab

This basically left only the "junk" in the misc tab

Installation: drag and drop the files to your game folder

Unistallation: delete both "Object.txt" and "Potion.txt" from [your game directory]\Data\Public\Shared\Stats\Generated\Data

NOTE - I kept the weight of:
- weapons, armors or weapon related stuff
- grenades and arrows (arrowshaft has no weight)
- Doors, containers, wood and stone
- crates, barrels, backpacks and baskets
- Mortar and Pestle,WashTub, WashTub Board, Repair Hammer, Tongs, Identifying Glass, Shovel
- anything which weight was above 10 (was afraid to break the game)

Not compatible with any mods that change "Object.txt" and/or "Potion.txt" files. You'll have to edit them maually

And last but not least, I take no responsibility for any harm this mod can cause. So, if you get lost at your inventory, your PC explode, your pet became a zombie or your washing machine awake and try to kill you, do not blame me - you have been warned :)