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Do you already enjoy Dishonored with RTGI? No? Then RTGI NEXT is just right for you. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

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ATTENTION!!You Need Marty McFly's RTGI Shader.
ReShade GI Beta


1) Install Reshade in the folder *\Binaries\Win32*
as DirectX 9.(Download all shaders, then you can't go wrong.).

2) Extract all files from the *Dishonored RTGI NEXT.7z* into the folder
*\Binaries\Win32*(Overwrite existing files).

3) Start the game and set all *Global Preprocessor Definitions* to zero.
In the Directx 9 tab, activate "Copy depth buffer before clear operation", for the depth buffer access.

4) Now load the preset *Dishonored - RTGI NEXT.ini* and get enough to nibble on....Have Fun.