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My personal overhaul mod pack for D2R. Combining d2modgen as a base, personal changes/tweaks, some D2RMM mods and combines it into one simple and easy/install mod pack. Lots going on in this, give it a shot!

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D2R Chaos Mod

This is my personal overhaul mod for D2R. It incorporates D2RMM mods and d2modgen and rolls it into one awesome, shiny and fun mod pack for Diablo 2.

Max level is now 125, 8 stat and 2 skill points per level. All characters now have the same life, stamina, and mana starting out and gain the same amount per point invested or level gained. All items in are buffed or enhanced in some way. Creating some very interesting item combinations! Finding and gambling items should be a little easier now as well. You should be able to find something useful to help you along your way in no time with the unique drop features I have set up for you. It's a bit more favorable with drops to some degree but you will not be seeing golds and greens dropping every second. With this comes more difficult monsters. Density is 2x the normal amount and all monsters hit harder as well as have more life and defense. Also all player resistances have been naturally decreased in every difficulty for more of a challenge (normal = -50, nightmare = -100, hell = -300). There are also some new horadric cube recipes, see the images above for the additions. Massive inventory and stash space increase for you to make full use of. Also an expanded and working mercenary inventory for you to fully equip your traveling companion for your deadly adventures.

**Please note** - This is my personal mod that I am tinkering with and am only releasing it to the public because I think it is a neat little mod pack so far. I'm enjoying it and wanted to share. However, no guarantees I will keep updating this though.