Diablo II: Resurrected

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This mod expands all storage locations substantially. Merc Equip has been included now that save compatibility has been restored.
You must now launch the game using: -mod expanded -txt

Permissions and credits
This mod expands all storage locations. Inventory (10x8), Stash (16x13), Cube (16x13). It supports controller UI and Pre-Expansion characters.
It is updated as needed per user feedback. Not all things are possible with approved modding methods, I will add what is requested if it's possible.

Install Instructions: 
Extract the expanded folder included in the zip to your D2R mods directory. (If you don't have a mods folder in your main D2R directory, go ahead and create one) Run the game with -mod expanded -txt from a shortcut or from the bnet launcher.

Character Save Files:
The mod will default to store your character save files in a separate folder than your vanilla ones. This is done in case you are using other mod files also, and they have some compatibility issues with your characters.
If you are only using this mod, then there are no compatibility worries, you can manually copy/paste your files from the following locations:
From: C:/Users/Username/Saved Games/D2R
To: C:/Users/Username/Saved Games/D2R/Mods/Expanded

Known Issues:
- Using "Large Font Mode" in the game settings will cause the tops of panels to be clipped. This setting zooms in on the screen 20-25% and is not compatible with the expanded sizing of the panels, required for the extra inventory slots. 
- Weapon Swap tab does not activate from click, however hotkey works as normal. 
- Using the sort function in your stash when your item count exceeds 100 total items will cause a crash.

Latest Version: 2.6
- Merc Equip save compatibility has been resolved and is now included in the expanded mod
- Character Stats panel for Controller UI has been changed to a more generic image
- EXP Bar on Character Stats panel for Controller UI has been fixed
- Extra files have been removed and download size reduced

Version 2.6 - Merc Equip fixed, Vanilla Save Compatible
Version 2.5 - Classis Characters Controller Support + Bug Fixes
Version 2.4 - Lowend Controller Layout support added
Version 2.3 - Click Area bug fixed, removed extra files, install process simplified
Version 2.2 - Controller Support Added  (Limited Future Updates)
Version 2.1 - Classic Characters Support Added
Version 2.0 - Original Release