Devil May Cry 5

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Little bits and pieces inspired by DOOM games! More to come ;)

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This mod started as a small excersize in texturing/importing stuff in DMC5. And as it happens, things have somewhat escalated)


Release 1: "Knee Deep in the Demons"

  • Crucible Sword from DOOM (2016)
  • Crucible Sword from DOOM Eternal
  • Marauder Axe from DOOM Eternal
  • Night Sentinel Sword from DOOM (2016)

Relase notes:
  • Argent weapons (Crucible 2016, Eternal Crucible, Marauder Axe) replace DSD. I chose DSD because it allowed to achieve similar translucent/glow effect like in DOOM games.
  • Night Sentinel Sword replaces Rebellion or Sparda (or both if you want). For some reason I had a lot of trouble exporting this one, was getting glitched normals no matter what I'd do. Currently it's mostly fixed but normal is bugged in one spot on the sword's guard. I tried fixing it with every trick there is but after a few days of working only on that I think it's the best I can do with current tools.

Release 2: "The Shores Of Qliphoth"

  • Hammer of The Betrayer from DOOM Eternal
  • Argent Guitar from DOOM Eternal (Missed Nevan? I did too...)
  • Adjustments to blade colors of argent weapons

Relase notes:
  • Two new DSD replacements: Hammer of The Betrayer and Argent Guitar. Small release while I'm working on other stuff.
  • Slightly adjusted blade color/glow of released swords to be closer to those in DOOM games. While still not exact (no blade warping and no color shifting), I feel these are much better looking now.

Have fun!
More to come ;)


Use Fluffy Manager 5000.

Super Special Thanks to user "Danteismyspiritanimal"