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Replaces Dante's regular and EX costume with the DMC1 coat.

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Replaces Dante's regular and EX costume with the DMC1 coat from MHW.
Additional Replacements Include:
  • Dante's hair is replaced with a shorter/tighter version to try and closely match DMC1 and the DMC anime. M10 Dante has the shorter, DMC1-esuqe hair while M11+ Dante has the longer hair.
  • Dante's head and nose are slightly less wide, to give a bit of a younger look (I guess?).
  • Dante's normal maps and textures are slightly edited to de-age him a bit. Removed facial hair via transparency on the hair textures.

I just threw this together in a day because I was gettin' mad at a tool to try and screw around with this not working, so the rigging is pretty haphazard.
I should probably get someone who knows what they're doing to re-do/check it.

Note that all versions of the heads are still edited, so anything that changes Dante's head mesh isn't compatible. I had to clip out his chest.

  • Fixed main menu/van head.
  • Fixed arm normals on Dante.
  • Added vanilla head/hair option as a file.

  • Fixed ATOS files so lighting should affect the model properly. Also fixes the thing where dante turns into stripes when in the middle of DTing/unDTing.
  • Edited turtleneck and gloves to be closer to DMC1 - turtleneck is higher and tighter, gloves are full instead of fingerless (or imitating that, anyhow.).
  • Added less shiny version of leather as an optional file because that's how I actually prefer it personally.

  • Fixed neck sticking out of the back of the turtleneck. Hopefully.
  • Fixed model and textures not appearing on lower settings.

  • Touched up arm texture so that it closer matches MHW arms - used the texture from MHW and custom combination of MHW normals and djheretostay's "Legacy Dante" normals to create an actual look closer to a sleeve rather than bodypaint.
  • Refined weighting on chest coat and stomach area
  • Refined edited M10/short hair/DMC1 hair to get rid of the bald spot that was showing up.

  • Added refined glove model and normals from vainiuss1 to make the gloves seem less like painted fingers.
  • Added variations to mod with MHW hair ported over by noShigu.
  • Added massive refining of rigging and textures by ThinRedPaste!  This also adds both midgame dirty and endgame dirty textures for the outfit!
  • Added option for original MHW textures there were used before as an add-on that you can put over the regular install if you prefer those.
  • Removed "Less Shiny" option as the refined textures include refined normals, meaning that the coat isn't overly waxy or too matte anymore.
  • Re-added the glove model from v1.4 to get back the smoother singular glove look rather than painted fingers.
  • Fixed shadow casting on model. Huge thanks to Shigu for showing me how!
  • Refined belt rigging a bit so the vest end doesn't clip through it.
  • Enabled shadows on edited hair for base version - should look better in cutscenes now. Also small edit on the short hair so it clips less with the coat.
  • Mesh rework by Thin Red Paste. Includes fix for rigging on coat, seam fixes on pants, less jacked up/fixed normals thanks to re-importing with a better script. This FINALLY fixes the dang leg normal vertex thing! It looks so good!

  • Update by Vainiuss to include compatibility for the DMC5 Vergil DLC and refining of model, including better turtleneck and cutscene head support for the edited head model.