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Offers each separate campaign mission's skybox lighting, while also offering Bloody Palace and other "location" lighting options for use in the Void. Excludes Mission 04 and Mission 15.

Does not include lights found in any missions from objects such as vehicles or lampposts.

Permissions and credits
This is a simple set of mods that allows you to select skybox lighting found in campaign missions, the Bloody Palace and other "location" variants to use in the Void. Mods applying some of these lighting options exist already, however no longer work with the current version of Devil May Cry 5. These files should work without any issues with the current version of Devil May Cry 5 on Steam.

A few lighting options will likely be straight up ugly/difficult on the eyes due to being too dark. It cannot be helped currently as none of these lighting options were made with the Void in mind by Capcom. These are simply offered because they can be.

Please let me know if any of these do not work!

I am currently looking into doing the same for the Bloody Palace.
Install using Fluffy Mod Manager 5000.


As long as nothing edits or replaces the files used, these should be compatible with any mod. Including edits to the actual geometry/meshes of the Void, so mixing and matching could make a neat combination.

Graphics Options Compatibility

  • Contact Shadows if enabled via editing dmc5config.ini or using the COOP Trainer will be visible with some lighting options and not with others, just like the campaign.
  • By default, if Screen Space Reflections are set to "Variable", the Void will have them enabled and are only visible on certain things such as ground effects. Using an alternative lighting solution may result in SSR being disabled in the Void just like normal gameplay, though the difference in the Void is minimal.

Mission Lighting Options

Missions 04 and 15 are not available because they use the same lighting as Mission 03 and Mission 14 respectively, or at least that is what occurred in my testing.

  • Prologue
  • Mission 01
  • Mission 02
  • Mission 03
  • Mission 05
  • Mission 06
  • Mission 07
  • Mission 08
  • Mission 09
  • Mission 10
  • Mission 11
  • Mission 12
  • Mission 13
  • Mission 14
  • Mission 16
  • Mission 17
  • Mission 18
  • Mission 19
  • Mission 20
  • Epilogue/Credits Lighting (Nero)
  • Epilogue/Credits Lighting (Dante/Vergil)

Bloody Palace Lighting Options:

All bloody palace lighting variants are now available to use in the Void. Please note that these were specifically designed with the Bloody Palace in mind and will have varying degrees of visual issues in the Void such as blocky pre-baked shadows.

  • Bloody Palace (Early Stages)
  • Bloody Palace (Mid Stages)
  • Bloody Palace (Late Stages)

"Location" Lighting Options

A couple of extra lighting files can be found in the game files and currently I am looking into the other files. 

Some of these are used in cutscenes and some are alternative lighting used during certain mission events.

Please note when using some if not all cutscene lighting options, motion blur will enable itself in the Void due to the lighting being used in cutscenes, of which motion blur is cutscene exclusive. Disable the setting if you do not like this feature.

  • Location 55
  • Location 56
  • Location 59
  • Location 60
  • Location 61
  • Location 63 (Title Screen Lighting)

Known Issues

  • Some lighting options use pre-baked shadows and therefore you are likely to see blocky shadows for objects that do not exist in the Void when using some lighting options (e.g. Mission 20)
  • Some lighting options have very obvious cubemaps respective to their missions applied to the floor in the Void and appear to "reflect" objects that are not there as a result (e.g. Mission 20)
  • Screenshots do not show up in Fluffy Mod Manager 5000 for "Mission Lighting" options. I set modinfo.ini to "screenshot.png" while the images are "screenshot.jpg". This will be fixed in a future update.