Derail Valley
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Where are the cars for this job? Don't worry. We'll let you know.

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This is a prototype mod that reuses the tutorial popups to show you where the cars for a job are. As usual, this mod requires the Unity Mod Manager for installation.

So far, the popups only guide you before you accept a job. If you are in VR, the popups will only show up when you hold the job overview in your right hand.

Version 0.2.4: Improved line loading/rendering with less debug spam.

Version 0.2.3: Updated for build #90 with special thanks to katycat6.

Version 0.2.0 Changelog:
  • The dispatcher now appears when holding an accepted job booklet and can let you know if a job is actually done before you turn it in.
  • The second-long period of "searching for cars..." has been removed for desktop users.
  • The car in the middle of a consist is now the car pointed to.
  • If your last loco is attached to a consist, the loco will be pointed to instead of the middle.
  • Added update checking and a link to this page.

Source Code:

To-Do Hot List:
  • Rework algorithm to figure out if player has touched certain consists.
  • Check for any derailed cars.
  • Check destination tracks for blockage before accepting a job. (Will make toggleable since this would be a cheat.)

Planned Features:
  • Multiple different-colored lines to show job cars, destination tracks, and obstructing cars.