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Adds a Gmhs 53 2-axle boxcar to the game. Requires Unity Mod Manager and Custom Car Loader (CCL)

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The Gmhs 53 were 2-Axle boxcars built in the 1950s in West Germany and where in service by the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

This mod includes 4 variants which come each with and without handbrake platforms.


- Install Unity Mod Manager (UMM)
- Install the newest version of Custom Car Loader (CCL) (version 2.0.3 or higher)
- Download the newest version of this Mod (version 2.0 or higher)
- Extract the zip file
- Contained within are three more zip files, install those through UMM
- Make sure the three CCL Cars are activated in the UMM UI
- Now everything should work, have fun! ^^

Due to current limitations with CCL, there are a couple of known issues:

- they don't have their own booklet icons
- the brake pads don't glow when overheated
- skin manager skins currently don't work on them
- the custom cargoes that they previously had are currently not available
- the Military Variant doesn't have a exploded model
- the buffers are not getting removed by ZCouplers while using the "remove buffers" feature
- In some situations the model of the CCL cars don't get fully loaded, resulting in invisible cars.
  This seems to to be related to loading a save while a session is already running.
  To avoid this bug, try closing the game before loading a different save file.

I plan to further update this mod once the related features/bugfixes get added to CCL


Price: 20000$
Weight Empty: 11470kg
Lenght without handbrake platform: 12.24m
Lenght with handbrake platform: 12.83m


Gmhs 53:
- Chickens
- Cows
- Pigs
- Sheep
- Goats
- Bread
- Canned Food
- Cat Food
- Electronics
- Tools
- Furniture
- Clothing
- Chemicals

Gmhs 53 Military:
- Ammunition
- Military Supplies

Tnomhs 59:
- Dairy Products
- Meat Products
- Canned Food
- Cat Food
- Medicine