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Job chain generation to provide a use for the passenger stations and cars.

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Now Compatible with Simulator
If you encounter a bug, please submit a report here or on Github so I can improve the mod!

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Check out the translation spreadsheet and request access if you'd like to contribute a language!
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What this mod does:
This mod adds new job generation scripts to the stations containing passenger yards. The new jobs run between passenger platforms at different cities and include 1 to 3 destination stops. All the new jobs are gated behind the new Passengers job license, which can be obtained from the Career Manager the same as other licenses.

Express jobs will by default pay half as much for the base wage, but if you complete the job under the time limit, you will be compensated the full 1.5x wage you would with any other job (this is to simulate passengers desiring timely service). If you prefer the vanilla wage/bonus behavior, you can disable this new system under the mod settings menu.

Passengers board or disembark after you've come to a complete and final stop at the platform for at least 5 seconds. The platform signs will indicate that boarding or disembarking is underway. Once all the cars are loaded, a bell will sound indicating that you're clear to depart.

Credit to Niko Fox (Fauxnik) for code contributions and LillyWho for sign models & textures

How to Install:
The zip file provided can be installed using Unity Mod Manager. Make sure to also install the Language Helper.

Configuring Routes:
In the mod folder, there should be a file called "default_routes.json" - copy this file and name the copy "routes.json". Open the copy for editing and you can modify the list of pre-configured passenger routes:

Manually Updating Translations:
If you are seeing [MISSING TRANSLATION] messages on passenger jobs related items in-game, your computer or internet provider may be blocking the download of translation files. In this case, you can manually download the file using a different, working connection. In a web browser, go to and save the downloaded file under your mods folder as "<Derail Valley Install Location>/Mods/DVLangHelper/cache/cc.foxden.passenger_jobs.csv".

Please check back for updates as development on version 4.0 progresses.
For up-to-date news on Passenger Jobs and other mods, check the Altfuture Discord -

Source Code:
Github Repo