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Replace the textures of containers and other solid types of cargo.

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Finally! SunOmni doesn't have a monopoly on cat food anymore...

Sample Skins:
  • Amazon Prime: Cappycot
  • Maersk: Jason-118 (also found in Jason-118's Skin Pack)

Jason-118's Skin Pack
  • Evergreen
  • Hapag-Lloyd
  • Maersk

Texturing Info: Container skins use the top left 2048x2048 section of an 8192x8192 texture.

Note: Do not report bugs to the developers of the game if you are using mods!

How to Install the Mod
  1. Download and install Unity Mod Manager
  2. Download the mod
  3. Install the mod using Unity Mod Manager or Extract the archive and put the mod folder into Mods folder of the Game (\Steam\steamapps\common\Derail Valley\Mods).
  4. Run the game

* Note - The proper skin path should look like this - \Derail Valley\Mods\CargoSwapMod\Skins\<cargo-type>\<skin-name>\<skin-files>

Source Code:

Cargo Type String Reference (From the CargoModelsData Class):
  • Coal: C_HopperCoal
  • Iron Ore: C_HopperIronOre
  • Wheat: C_HopperWheat
  • Corn: C_HopperCorn
  • Scrap Metal: C_GondolaScrapMetal
  • Wood Boards: C_FlatcarWoodBoards02
  • Plywood: C_FlatcarWoodPlywood
  • Steel Rolls: C_FlatcarSteelRolls
  • Steel Billets: C_FlatcarSteelBillets01
  • Steel Sheets: C_FlatcarSteelSheets
  • Steel Bent Plates: C_FlatcarSteelBentPlates
  • Steel Rails: C_FlatcarSteelRails
  • Tractors: C_FlatcarFarmTractor
  • Excavators: C_FlatcarExcavatorNew
  • Cryo Hydrogen: C_FlatcarISOTankYellow2_Explosive
  • Cryo Oxygen: C_FlatcarISOTankYellow2_Oxydizing
  • Nitrogen, Argon: C_FlatcarISOTankYellow2_Asphyxiating
  • Acetylene: C_FlatcarContainerOrange3a2
  • Logs: C_FlatcarStakesLogs
  • Pipes: C_FlatcarPipes01 through C_FlatcarPipes05
  • New Cars: C_AutorackCarsLocal1 through C_AutorackCarsLocal4
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel: C_NuclearFlaskContainer
  • Crude Oil, Diesel: C_CarTank_Flammable
  • Gasoline, Alcohol, Methane: C_CarTank_Explosive
  • Ammonia: C_CarTank_Toxic_Corrosive
  • Sodium Hydroxide: C_CarTank_Corrosive
  • Ammunition: C_CarBoxcarMililtary_Explosive
  • CLASSIFIED: C_FlatcarContainerMilitary4_1
  • Military Tanks: C_FlatcarTankMilitary
  • Military Trucks: C_FlatcarTruckMilitary
  • Military Supplies: C_FlatcarContainerMilitary1, C_FlatcarContainerMilitary2, C_FlatcarContainerMilitary3, C_FlatcarContainerMilitary3_2, C_FlatcarContainerMilitary3a, C_FlatcarContainerMilitary3a_2