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This mod will randomise the items found around Demon souls, either in the world or dropped from enemies. You have the ability to select a number of options in the randomizer to tailor the experience.

Permissions and credits
-- Description --

This mod randomises enemy drop tables, boss drops, key item locations, shop inventory and world treasure (glowing orbs scattered around the maps). 

Things that aren't randomised currently:
  • Tutorial Area items (No reliable way to return here)
  • Magic shop vendor spells
  • Crow trading items
  • Some NPC gifts and drops (I am working on adding these)

--- Installation Instructions --

You will need access to the files Demon Souls. Either by having the game files for emulation (RPC3) or by having
your console jailbroken so you can FTP the modded file.

1. Before you install this mod. Backup the two necessary file. The path should be something like 
"Demon's Souls - [BLUS30443] \ PS3_GAME \ USRDIR \ param". There you'll find the saved param file called gameparamna.parambnd.dcx. Save this
to another folder.
2. Place your gameparamna.parambnd.dcx file from your game directory into the data folder of this randomiser.
3. Run the randomiser and click randomise, it will alter your gameparamna.parambnd file in the data directory. 
4. Drag the file back into the games directory in the path listed above and replace the original.
5. If you are using the RSPC3 emulator, please go into Configuration > System and check the option to automatically clear the cache, then set the cache size to 0mb. 
6. Run the game, it should now be randomised.

-- Troubleshooting --
The Randomiser doesn't seem to have randomised anything
Firstly make sure you have actually replaced the correct file above, you will know based on the date modified on the file. Secondly, ensure the gameparamna.parambnd.dcx file in the games directory is not set to read-only in the file properties. As this won't let you replace the file with your new one.

When I teleport to a new area, it loads into a black screen with the game audio still playing
This is an issue with the emulator, please ensure you have checked "Write color buffers" in the GPU options of the game for the emulator.

When I teleport to a new area, I get stuck with a black screen
This seems to be an issue with later versions of the emulator, please revert to build 9350. You can download this here 

The game is not changed after replacing the game file with my randomised one
The emulator has cached the game files. Open the game's config in the emulator browse the "System" tab. There will be an option which says "Clear cache automatically" in the "Disk Cache" section. Check this option and set the size to 0MB.