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A UE4 mod to achieve next generation graphics and improved performance in Deep Rock Galactic; global illumination, screen space reflections, and more all included and tested.

Permissions and credits
Please read more in my Steam guide here, if you wish:


This mod enables several newer features that could potentially be considered next-gen:

  • Global illumination
  • Screen space reflections
  • Better TAA
  • Temporal AA Upsampling
  • Sharpening

And no, this will not get you flagged as a cheater, or prevent you from joining non-modded lobbies. This mod is simply a series of preset INI files for you to download.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download your preferred version
  2. Go to <path-to-game>\FSD\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ ("<path-to-game>"  being the base folder location for the game. E.G. on Steam, right click on the game > manage > browse local files)
  3. Extract "Engine.ini" into the "WindowsNoEditor" folder
  4. Overwrite when asked

Please note: All screenshots were taken with the performance version of this mod, at native 4k.