Days Gone

About this mod

Reshade focuses on color, contrast and sharpening perception.

Permissions and credits
3 Versions (update 21-05-2021)
Dawn of the dead : play it if you don't care about subtitles and HUD (my vision). (Blurry Effect)
Dawn of the dead - No Effects : use it if if you want to play with subtiltles.  (Remove Blurry Effect)
Dawn of the dead - No Effects - FPS boost :
  use it if if you want to play with subtiltles and have FPS issues.


1) Download and Install version (4.9.1) of Reshade with ALL PACKAGES (very important) on in your game directory in Directx10/11/12
2) Download Unrar my .RAR, then place my "Reshade-shaders" Pack with my preset in your game directory (where you have daysgone.exe). You need to confirm "Yes" when it ask if you want to replace files (overwrite Reshade-Shaders folder)
3) Launch the game
4) Press [Home] and finish the installation
5) Select Dawn of the Dead - Reshade in preset

6) Configure "Edit Global preprocessor definitions" : RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED must be set to 1 (in Edit Global Preprocessor definition)

Tips : if you don't have this option, untick Performance Mode

7) Check if you have this (see below)

8) Config your Brightness if necessary (Dawn of the Dead - Reshade was made using Brightness set to default !)

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