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Hipster outfits in a zombie apocalypse.

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I won't be updating this mod frequently because of.. life. Very sorry about the requests that I haven't fulfilled. Hope you all can still enjoy the game!

This is my vision of Deacon St. John if he wasn't a Drifter. If he is not a Drifter then he should be a Hipster, I mean what else should he be right?

There are  5 main files right now, all with different hipster outfit and different hairstyles. There are also some variations of the outfit in the optional file. Check it out and see if any of the optional files suits your taste. 

The Hipsters are :
1. Hipster Deek All Cutscenes new version hair by wiwilz and ShadowWolfT, face texture by wiwilz
2. Hipster Longcoat Deek
3. Winter Hipster Deek 
4. Puffy Hipster Deek
5. Hipster Drifter hair byloxoss

The "Hipster Deek All Cutscenes" are intended to work on all cutscenes. The mod will also change Deacon's outfit throughout the storyline just like the original game. I edited many files on making this new version so expect some bugs. Not game breaking bugs, just the usual funny-weird looking deek.
All of the outfits don't have a knife sheath. So in order to keep the knife on Deacon's feet out of your sight (not disappear, just out of sight), you can use 
this mod.

There's an experimental Hipster Deek Outfit called the "Survivor Hipster" in the Miscellaneous section. It has issues in cutscenes but should be fine in gameplay. I uploaded it so that the community could use it and maybe could come out with a way to fix the issue. Lemme know how it goes ppl

Use only 1 Pak file.

Kudos to the mighty Bhaeron for all the pictures and the variants he provided for this mod, and also to Nurver and Wenyueheng for sharing their knowledge on mesh editing.

Install Instructions

1.: Open your game directory and find "sfpaks"  folder in  "Days Gone\BendGame\Content\sfpaks

2.: Rename the whole "sfpaks" folder whatever you want, *For example "blanksfpaks"

3.: Unpack the rar file i provided. Copy the ".pak" files  and paste it into  "Days Gone\BendGame\Content\Paks" folder

4.: Done. Enjoy your Game!


Thank you to wiwilz for allowing me to use the hair assets and face texture on the "Hipster Deek All Cutscenes"
Thank you to  ShadowWolfT for allowing me to use the hair assets on the "Hipster Deek All Cutscenes
Thank you for loxoss for allowing me to use Deacon's hair on the "Hipster Drifter"
Shotgun in Special Slot on the picture is by Slostenn
Invisible Radio on the picture is by Phqc 

Special thanks to KaiHeilos for the creation of the Asset Editor.