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Simple mod that disabled the intro movies.

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A simple mod that disables the intro movies.

    I have updated this mod to use the .pak method so if you're using the old game.ini method, I recommend switching.
    The old version is still available in case this method does not work for you for some reason, but that's unlikely.

- Installation -

> Open the zip folder and drag "BendGame" into %localappdata%.

> Rename "<game-path>\BendGame\Content\sfpaks" to "sfpakss".
    (This folder only contains duplicate data so renaming it will not cause any issues in-game)

- Uninstallation -

> Delete "%localappdata%\BendGame\Saved\Paks\PRE-Remove_Intro_Movies_P.pak".

"Why not just delete the movie files?"

Deleting the movie files is not "verify game files" proof, this method is, if someone tells you that that's a better way to do it, they are wrong.

Enjoy your 20 second time save!