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Increases the rate of fire for the US556, making it a middle ground between the Chicago Chopper and IDF Pup.

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I love the variety of weapons in Days Gone, but I really hate how the early game weapons end up being completely invalidated by the late game weapons. Take, for example, the US556; I'd love to continue using it, but when I have weapons like the Chicago Chopper (which is better in most stats) and the IDF Pup (which is outright a direct upgrade), I really can't justify it. I wanted to bump it up to be a middle ground between the two, so I increased its rate of fire to match the Chicago Chopper. It still has less damage, less reserve ammo and a smaller magazine, but it has higher accuracy. Compared to the IDF Pup, it has less damage but a higher rate of fire. I feel like this situates it well between the two, making all three viable end game weapons.

I know there's demand to do this with other weapons, especially stuff like the PPSh which, let's be honest, really should have a much higher ROF. I'm considering doing a full rebalance of the automatic weapons, increasing ROF across the board but also altering other stats to compensate. I'm pretty close to the end of the game, though, so for now I just want to focus on finishing my current playthrough.

1. Extract the included pak file to C:\Users\(your username)\AppData\Local\BendGame\Saved\Paks. If you don't see your AppData folder, go to "View" and make sure "Hidden items" is checked.
2. Renaming the "sfpaks" folder is not actually required to load this mod, but it is for others. It's only used to preload assets, so renaming it will not cause any issues, but if you're only using this mod and nothing else it isn't necessary.

Heilos - UE Asset Extractor, without which this wouldn't have been possible (or at least would have been much more difficult; AE makes editing weapon stats trivially easy).
gnuesnoej - for his Improved Talon 7 mod, which gave me the inspiration to give the US556 the same treatment. I recommend it if, like me, you want all of your weapons to be end game viable.

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