Dark Souls Remastered
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king bore haha

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Implements 200+ custom community-submitted soapstone messages.
Includes messages with special behavior. One of them summons a cat, so keep an eye out for that one.

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PTDE Version
Installer Source Code

Mod Compatibility
When using the installer, there are two versions of the mod:
Simple Version
  • Compatible with other mods
  • Does not include special effect messages, which do unique things like summoning kitty cats.
Full Version
  • Not compatible with other mods
  • Includes special effect messages
If do not use the installer, you can only install Full Version.

How to Install
Note: if you don't want to use the installer, the mod files can be located in the download's "DATA" Folder.
1a. Installer requires .NET 6.0 Desktop
2. Locate your Dark Souls installation folder.
3a. (using installer) Run Installer, choose options, and install.
3b. (not using installer) Copy mod files into unpacked game folder, and overwrite original game files
4. Run the game. If the mod was installed correctly, you should see several new soapstone messages immediately

Special Effect Messages?

  • I may be underselling this feature. There are many messages with unique behavior when red. Sometimes you get inflicted with toxic, sometimes you a giant cat suddenly appears and mauls you. Anything could happen, watch out!

  • Fixed full installation only working once
  • Added Installer
  • Installer can install "Simple" version of the mod, which is compatible with other mods
  • Fixed AI for a certain kitty-cat
  • Changed "WHEELIES" To "HEELIES" (heartbreaking)
  • Modified messages with more than 2 lines as DSR cannot handle them, unlike PTDE
  • Fixed some messages displaying the wrong controller button icon
  • Fixed a message near Rhea in Undead Parish appearing before it was supposed to
  • Fixed a possible issue that could make special effect message text not appear properly

Message Credits
  • The majority of messages were submitted by other people and implemented by me. A full list of submitted messages and their authors are in the "Docs" section the of Nexus mod page.