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Mega Mule for Dark Souls REMASTERED

Permissions and credits
This is the first publicly released Mule for Dark Souls Remastered. 

Update May 28th: Made three new mules from scratch, apologies for any issues you may have had with the old mule.
Note that all the new mules start immediately after reaching firelink, no bosses or areas have been touched.

Update June 1st: Added some shields I forgot to add, versions 2 & 3 should have every shield now (could be missing one or two minor ones) 
Added 5 characters per file for each version that uses CE (2 & 3)
Fixed an issue with the pyromancy flame.

Update June 3rd: Added a few additional missing items to versions 2 & 3 (like the red soapstone, darkmoon talisman, etc.) 
Added 5 additional saves per file (for a total of 10) 
And most importantly - addressed an issue which was causing the files to have incorrect weapon matching

Mule Version 1: No Cheats Used, No Special/Boss Weapons

The first version of this mule was done completely without CE.
I had someone gift me every item you see in it, therefore this version does not include:
No Special Weapons (which means you can invade people with +0 weapons)
No Boss Weapons
No Miracles, Spells, or Pyromancy (sorry, but these aren't droppable)
No Lordsvessel, Embers, or any other items that can't be dropped.
You will have to complete the game on your own or use CE with this save if you want the extra items.
However this save does include:
Every piece of armor. 
At least 99 of every consumable.
Every weapon that can be reinforced to +15
Every shield that can be reinforced to +15
At least 99 of every upgrade item. 
7 Firekeeper souls.
Every ring. (2 FAP rings)
99 of every boss soul.
A ton of souls for you to level with or spend as you please.

(Version 1 has yet to have multiple missing items added, I highly suggest using version 2 instead)

Mule Version 2: CE Used, No Special/Boss Weapons

The second version of this mule is the same file as the first version, but CE was used to add:
Every Miracle
Every Pyromancy
Every Spell
Every Ember
Every Bonfire Warp Unlocked
Every Carving

Mule Version 3: CE Used, Includes All Special/Boss Weapons

The third version of this mule is the same file as the second version, but includes:
All Special Weapons
All Boss Weapons

Additional information about each of the mules:

Due to the possibility of your data being flagged from changing starting classes, the characters starting class is Cleric.
You can download a CE table and change this yourself if you want to optimize your build.
This time, the characters name starts out as Adonias - you can change this with a CE table
Your character is a male - you can change gender and looks with a CE table
Version 1 should be at +0 weapon matchmaking
Version 2 should be at +0
Version 3 should be at +10
No covenants are unlocked, you will have to go to them yourself. (This is to avoid flagging the game data)

Recommended Install Instructions:
Navigate to your documents.
Find the folder labeled "NBGI"
Inside of NBGI go into the folder titled "DARK SOULS REMASTERED"
Depending on how many steam accounts you have used on your PC to play the game, you will see one or more folders with a string of numbers.
Create a new folder in that directory (Documents\NBGI\DARK SOULS REMASTERED)
I suggest titling it "Original" or "Backup"
Copy the entire folder with the long string of numbers and paste it into the folder you just created.
Drag and drop the "DRAKS0005.sl2" file you downloaded from here into folder with the string of numbers.
Select "Replace the file in the destination" when prompted"
Go to steam and right click on the game in your library.
Select properties.
Move to the "UPDATES" tab.
Under "Steam Cloud" uncheck the box.
You should be ready to launch the game and use the mule.

Link to my popular DSIII Mule: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/19

You have permission to modify and reupload the mules I post, as long as you give credit with a link to the original mod page.

All information below is for the outdated old mules.

This will not not work for Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition.
This Mule is best suited for making PvP builds or going into NG+ with every item.
This save includes every starting class at their base level.
No items have been upgraded.
Includes ~200 of every upgrade item.
All bonfires unlocked.
All bosses besides Gwyn defeated. (Optional no bosses defeated file, good for being invaded & fight clubs)
Every weapon and armor in the game*
Does not include boss weapons (because of weapon matchmaking)
99 of every boss soul.
Every ring. (10 FAP rings)
Tons of consumables.
Plenty of souls to get you to whatever level you want.

Note that this mule is still being worked on, there will be a handful of missing items, and some other imperfect things until the final version is released.

Every save file will appear as "Muldyr" (Norwegian for Mule)
The naming scheme of the characters are all German or Norwegian things based on their starting class.
The characters are easily identified by the helmet/hat they're wearing but this is the order they're in:
1. Warrior. Level 4. Other players will see your name as "Krieger of Muldyr"
2. Knight. Level 5. Other players will see your name as "Ritter of Muldyr"
3. Wanderer. Level 3. Other players will see your name as "Vandreren of Muldyr"
4. Thief. Level 5. Other players will see your name as "Tyv of Muldry"
5. Bandit. Level 4. Other players will see your name as "Raner of Muldyr"
6. Hunter. Level 4. Other players will see your name as "Jaeger of Muldyr"
7. Sorcerer. Level 3. Other players will see your name as "Zauberer of Muldyr"
8. Pyromancer. Level 1. Other players will see your name as "Brenneren of Muldyr"
9. Cleric. Level 2. Other players will see your name as "Geistlig of Muldyr"
10. Deprived. Other players will see your name as "Huleboer of Muldyr"


Aside from boss souls these are the additional items not in the mule.
Bloated head
Bloated sorcerer head
Stone greataxe
Dark sword
Guardian tail
Black flame
Dark fog
Misc. Ammunition
If you find that anything else is missing let me know
You'll have to raise your faith or do some co-oping in other worlds
You'll start in the Gravelord Servant covenant.
There are 2 known graphical glitches:
1. All of your characters say they're named Muldyr for you, but others see their actual names.
2. All of your characters say their starting class is Warrior despite that only being the case for one of them.