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Age of Sunlight is a gameplay overhaul of Dark Souls: Remastered that makes changes to nearly every aspect with the goal of creating a unique and more polished experience.

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Age of Sunlight is a gameplay overhaul of Dark Souls: Remastered that changes combat, weapons, armour, items, spells, merchants, item placements, enemy placements, character controls, player behaviour/mechanics, enemy behaviour/mechanics, events, and more.

The mod includes over 12,000 changes to the original game, with the main goals being to improve the original game across the board, and to provide a unique experience.


 • General combat improvements, everything from bad hitboxes being fixed, to backsteps having invincibility frames, reduced stunlocking, etc.
 • Features a perfect guard mechanic, timing block similarly to timing rolls reduces the stamina cost and absorbs 100% of physical damage.
 • The game has been made slightly harder, as healing is now much more punishable, parry timing has been made tighter, etc.
 • Every weapon has been rebalanced, including adding new attacks/movesets, and buffing underwhelming weapons like Whips, making them viable.
 • Every ring has been rebalanced, buffing weaker rings such as the Blue Tearstone Ring, Tiny Being's Ring, Ring of the Evil Eye, etc.
 • Every spell has been rebalanced, most spells are quicker to cast, and several weaker spells are more useful.
 • Spell casting speed is no longer tied to dexterity and casting now costs stamina.
 • Items have been changed, copper/silver/gold coins increase souls dropped & item discovery, and humanity heals over time.
 • Poison and bleed are viable, often killing weaker enemies in seconds, and come with new toxic and sharp weapon ascensions.
 • Over 50 enemy types have improved hitboxes.
 • Significant changes to animations, ranging from fixing broken attacks, changing tracking of enemies, quicker item pickups, and changed attack speeds.
 • Enhanced player control, for example cancellable gestures, rotation while mid air for easier plunging attacks, and improved vertical aiming of attacks.
 • Item and enemy locations have been reorganised. Enemies often patrol the area instead of simply waiting for the player to arrive.
 • Bonfires have been added and reorganised focusing on less tedious runbacks.
 • Bosses have new attacks and even second phases.
 • Boss design has been generally improved, for example Stray Demon & Demon Firesage are now unique, Capra Demon's dogs have been removed, etc.
 • Significant changes to Poise, many attacks that were guaranteed to stagger can be tanked with enough poise, but poise is not active when using items or sprinting.
 • Every weapon except for shields can be ascended through any upgrade path, for example a Lightning Black Knight Greataxe.
 • Streamlined process for upgrading weapons, now up to a maximum of +10.
 • Streamlined process for making boss weapons, now requiring only a unique item, instead of a +10 weapon.
 • Shops have been reorganised, with new items/weapons/spells/rings available.
 • Weapon ascensions are more useful, and all use regular titanite (green, white, red, and blue titanite have been removed).
 • Farming is less tedious, most item drop chances have been increased.
 • NG+7 adds black phantom enemies to the world.
 • Several bugs present in the original game have been fixed, for example halberd running attacks in water, incorrect weapon attack types, etc.
 • Adds a large variety of new weapons, rings, spells and consumables to the game. Every new weapon has their own unique moveset.
 • Adds new NPC invaders and summons to various locations, most of which wielding new weapons and spells.

The version for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition can be found here.

Ensure that you are playing offline to avoid being softbanned!

Special Thanks:

AinTunez - Bonfire respawn point help, DarkScript 3, Zeditor
HotPocketRemix - UnpackDarkSoulsForModding
katalash - Bonfire respawn point help
loosepolygon - DS-Script-List-Edit
Meowmaritus - Map Vessel, Param Vessel, Text Vessel, TAE Editor DX, DSMODT Hitbox Fixer, DS Anim Studio, FXMLR
nyxojaele - DSMODT
RavagerChris37 - Animation Metadata (TAE) Editor
TKGP - DRB Icon Appender, Yabber
Wulf2k - MSB Editor, BND Rebuilder, FMG Editor