Dark Souls Remastered

About this mod

A full faithful texture replacement for maps, objects and enemies. Created using a mix of hand made textures and ESRGAN upscaling tech. Compatible with overhaul mods, safe for online use.

Permissions and credits


This project is more faithful to the original game than my previous texture mod. Many applicable textures are created with ESRGAN (Enhanced Super-Resolution Generative Adversarial Network) Technology, and many are created with Photoshop, Quixel mixer and Materialize. Custom textures have been used sparingly to avoid deviating from the intended look, only when upscaling was not acceptable or the initial texture looked particularly out of place. The changes make much more of a difference for users with higher resolution monitors but should be noticeable at 1080p too on many objects and scenery.

This mod is safe for online use and is compatible with overhaul mods like Daughters of Ash


Textures Changed:

  • Firelink
  • Undead burg/Parish
  • Undead Asylum
  • Darkroot/Royal Woods
  • Sanctuary Garden
  • Oolacile Township
  • Depths
  • Painted World
  • Sen's Fortress
  • Blighttown
  • Demon ruins/Izalith
  • The great hollow/Ash Lake
  • Anor Londo
  • New Londo
  • The Duke's archives
  • The catacombs/Tomb of the giants
  • Kiln of the First Flames

  • Infested barbarians
  • Anor Londo giants
  • Bat wing demons
  • Titanite demons
  • Stone knights
  • Silver knights
  • All burg hollows
  • All snake men
  • Black knights
  • Blobs
  • Maneater clams
  • Undead dragons and dragon butts
  • Lightning drakes

  • Demon Firesage
  • Asylum and Stray demons
  • Capra Demon
  • Taurus Demon
  • Iron Golem
  • Ornstien and Smough
  • Moonlight Butterfly
  • Pinwheel
  • Hellkite Drake
  • Artorias
  • Centipede Demon
  • Kalameet
  • Sif
  • Nito
  • The Bed of Chaos
  • Ceaseless Discharge
  • Quelaag
  • Seath
  • The Gargoyles
  • The Four Kings

  • Andre
  • Stone Dragon
  • Hawkeye Gough
  • Alvina
  • Parasitic Wall Hugger
  • Quelaag's Sister
  • Gwynevere
  • Primordial Serpents

  • Download and extract TKGP's Texture Packer and Unpacker
  • Download all main files for this mod
  • Extract both Map archives, the Object/Character archive and any update files into the texture override folder of the texture packer and unpacker
  • Run DSR-TPUP.exe
  • Enter the correct game directory
  • Click Repack
  • Enjoy