Dark Souls Remastered
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Faster-paced gameplay! Updated version of QuickSouls with restored criticals, better balance and more.

Permissions and credits

Based on the concept by Meowmaritus
Built using MeowDSIO

This mod shall remain forever free to use, but donations are much appreciated as this is a hobby!

Special thanks to Meowmaritus, JesterPatches, TKGP, HotPocketRemix, Itzli, horkrux, and everyone on the Dark Souls Modding server.

Technically compatible with PTDE, but not fully tested. You must also unpack your game with UnpackDarkSoulsForModding before installing. Use Dark Souls Remastered for best results. 

This mod is to be used in offline play only. Going online with this mod will get you banned.


This mod attempts to increase the pace of gameplay without it looking too much like a movie on fast-forward. It can also be installed on top of other mods for extra challenges.


  • Player and enemies all move/attack more quickly.
  • All rolls/dashes use less stamina.
  • Light roll is replaced with the dash from Bloodborne.
  • DWGR roll is replaced with a Sonic-style blink. It's OP as balls, but a lot of fun.
  • Arrows and some magic spells are much faster.
  • Guarding at exactly the right time will parry the enemy. Guarding prevents 100% physical damage, but costs more stamina and prevents stamina regen.
  • Ripostes and backstabs are faster and slightly push back surrounding enemies, much like Bloodborne and Sekiro.


This mod is guaranteed compatible with any and all mods that don't adjust this file:

     ...chr\c0000.esd (c0000.esd.dcx if on remastered)

Be sure to install QuickSouls after all the other mods!


  • The Estus flask is invisible, but it still works as intended.
  • Enemy corpses sometimes fly into space if you hit them right.