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Mod aims is to make game significantly harder by adding a lot of enemies around the dark souls world, providing more build possibilities and balancing NG+7, new weapons and armors with brand new powerful skills and passives, better HUD and many more.

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Hello everyone!

First of all I wanted to say that I've spent hundreds of hours on making and polishing this mod which at first was designed to be for my personal use only, however I've decided to share it with everyone since some people asked me to do so and I thought it provides a lot of fun, challenge, new possibilities and freshness to the game.
My original idea was to balance NG+7 cycles since we all end up there if we want to continue our journey, and as we all know NG+7 is unbearable because of enemies damage. I've prepared a lot of powerful armors, rings and weapons that will help us in hardest difficulty cycle, allowing us to play tanky characters and if you want to play "paper" character like in vanilla you can also do it! additionaly you can easily get to NG+7 because "next journey" option is unlocked after tutorial boss. NG provides great challenge I am doing my first full playthrough now and I enjoy it a lot!
and rage a lot too
In order to balance new powerful skills and items I've added more than 1000 enemies around the world and buffed some of them and trust me, even with new powerful items game won't be any easier! unless you abuse new OP items in NG :P

Keep in mind I haven't made any models for this mod and they are work of other talented modders you can see all credits in the end of description. I am responsible for adding new enemies, making new weapon arts, armors passives effects, balances, descriptions and other effects.

Big thanks to every modder whose work is part of my mod, you were my inspiration to continue with this project.

Here are videos of every new weapon, skill, attacks, armor passives as well as first 20 minutes of gameplay and untended graves NG+7 , don't watch it if you want to avoid spoilers!
 You can find timestamps in video description







Mod Features:
- more than 1000 enemies manually added and scattered around the world to boost the difficulty level
- some enemies buffed including bosses (Yhorm is not puzzle fight anymore)
- 28 armors with unique powerful passives and buffed defenses (keep in mind most of them are designed for NG+7 so they are kinda OP in NG, there are also untouched vanilla armors to play on NG if you want more challenge)
- a lot of new powerful weapon arts and different moves for some weapons
- new icons for weapons and armors
- new descriptions
- new HUD
- different music for some boss battles
- different covenants icons
- new weapons and armors (they are replaced with vanilla weapons and armors I never used)
- buffed rings (there are also rings that passively slowly restore FP and HP)
- NG+7 cycle balanced by buffing different armors, rings and weapons skills
- enemies draw distance extended to be more realistic and pleasing for eyes
- possibility to go to next NG cycle right from the first bonfire in shrine (after tutorial boss)

DS3 Mod Engine
Dark Souls 3 + all DLCs

make a backup of Data0.bdt file from your directory folder
1. Unpack RAR file
2. Copy mod folder to game directory folder
3. Copy Data0.bdt to game directory folder
mod is ready! remember to set useModOverrideDirectory=1 in mod engine
You can easily check if mod is working properly by listening to title sound (gentle piano note instead of vanilla loud sword sound)

Simply remove mod file and turn off mod in modengine -> useModOverrideDirectory=0
remember to restore your original Data0.bdt file in directory folder

Save corrupted issue:
If you happen to be unable to start the game because of "save corrupted" issue follow these steps:
1. Start the game if "save corrupted" occurs, quit the game
2. Restore your old Data0.bdt from a backup and replace it in directory folder
3. Start the game, now game will load without problems, quit the game
4. Replace Data0.bdt with modded Data0.bdt again
5. Start the game, now game will load properly and you can play

Known Bugs:
- rarely enemies won't be able to grab e.g. Monstrosity of Sin in Undead Settlement will rush you but their grab will fail
- some enemies might be frozen and won't attack (very rare)
- not really a bug but if you read new weapons/armors descriptions you can see image of replaced item instead
- in some cases of new armor sets you will need all pieces to look as intended (for example if you wear only body part of Hero Set your biceps will be invisible so you need gauntlets)
- wearing hero armor harm nearby NPC's you need to stand proper distance from them to not hurt them and still be able to talk
If you find any bug please don't hesitate to post it here so I can try to fix them.

I don't play online but I am pretty sure you will get banned while playing this mod since it changes a lot of stuff in game files. Remember to play offline while using this mod.

El Fonz0
The Witness

I don't intend to make any profit on this mod, however if you would like to support other talented modders here are the links: