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Contains multiple armor pieces and weapons from various Sekiro characters

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This pack contains various armors and weapons from Sekiro characters, such as notable bosses and mini-bosses. Each item is set up to replace a specific item, though you may change the ID of a Sekiro item to one of your choice, provided you know the ID of the item you'd like to replace. Note that katanas require some specific preparation to work properly, so they might look weird if a non-katana is placed over a katana and vice-versa.

List of Part IDs

Here are the default model swaps:
Kusabimaru - Uchigatana
Mortal Blade - Chaos Blade
Black Mortal Blade - Frayed Blade
Tengu's Sword - Uchigatana
Genichiro's Blade - Chaos Blade
Emma's Gentle Blade - Black Blade
Okami Sword - Washing Pole
Kusabimaru and Sabimaru - Onikiri and Ubadachi

Sabimaru - Mail Breaker
Corrupted Monk's Dagger - Handmaid's Dagger
Rat Dagger - Bandit's Knife
Owl's Sword - Murakumo
Drunkard's Sword - Old Wolf Curved Sword
Headless Sword - Harald Curved Sword
Guardian Ape Sword - Carthus Curved Greatsword
Divine Dragon Sword - Storm Ruler
Armored Warrior's Greatsword - Bastard Sword

Gyoubu's Spear - Halberd
Sword Saint's Spear - Partizan
Corrupted Monk's Glaive - Splitleaf Greatsword
Okami Glaive - Black Knight Glaive
Seven Spear - Dragonslayer's Spear
Loaded Spear - Spear
Shichimen Staff - Golden Ritual Spear
Shinobi Hunter Spear - Winged Spear
Snake Eyes Cannon - Lucerne
Gun Fort Bayonet - Spear
Monk Twinblade - Splitleaf Greatsword

Nightjar Twinsickles - Brigand Twindaggers
Nightjar Sickle - Warpick

Loaded Axe - Thrall Axe
Centipede Claws - Claws
Okami Bow - Longbow
Genichiro's Bow - Onislayer Greatbow
Sword Saint's Gun - Avelyn
Lady Butterfly's Kunai - Twindaggers
Lady Butterfly's Kunai - Claws
Lady Butterfly's Kunai - Crow Quills
Monk Staff - Heretic's Staff
Taro Troupe Mace - Large Club
Taro Troupe Mallet - Great Wooden Hammer

Genichiro's Helmet - Sunless Veil
Seven Spear Helmet - Black Witch Hat
Gyoubu's Helmet - Pharis Hat
Corrupted Monk Mask - Blindfold Mask
Tengu Mask - Ragged Mask
Okami Mask - Crown of Dusk
Nightjar Mask - Wolnir's Crown
Nightjar Wrapped Mask - Eastern Helmet
Badger's Black Hat - Karla's Hat
Demon of Hatred Head - Master's Wrap
Monk Straw Hat - Old Sorcerer Hat

Alternate Weapons:
Kusabimaru - Darkdrift
Kusabimaru - Long Sword
Sabimaru - Ghru Dagger
Kusabimaru+Sabimaru - Onikiri+Ubadachi
Mortal Blade - Flamberge
Tengu's Sword - Lothric Knight Sword
Black Mortal Blade - Bloodlust
Black Mortal Blade - Onyx Blade
Okami Sword - Follower Sabre
Okami Bow - Onislayer Greatbow
Genichiro's Blade - Hollowslayer Greatsword
Genichiro's Bow - Short Bow
Genichiro's Bow - Long Bow
Genichiro's Bow - White Birch Bow
Genichiro's Bow - Black Bow of Pharis
Emma's Gentle Blade - Scimitar

As these are model swaps, you should not be banned from online play. However, there is still a possibility as you are modifying game files. Use at your own risk.
Depending on the weapon swap, you may be at an unfair (dis)advantage in PvP.
If you are using Mod Engine, then you will be banned if you go online.

ForsakenSilver for FLVER Editor
TKGP for Yabber
Id-Daemon for Model Converter
MaxTheMiracle for Parts ID List
Dropoff for FLVER Tool


Mod Engine:
Place the mod files into the 'parts' folder* in your designated mod folder
*You may need to create the 'parts' folder

1. Unpack and patch the game files
2. Place the mod files into the 'parts' folder and select 'Yes" when asked to replace

Mod Enginehttps://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/332

Don't worry that UXM takes you to the Sekiro nexus, it will still work with Dark Souls 3