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Change the moveset of almost every weapon in DS III

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This mod lets you change the moveset of almost every weapon in Dark Souls III. Most weapons have more than one new moveset, only one can be enabled for each weapon at a time. 

This mod is NOT for use online. Most of the changes in movesets will not be visible to other players (they'll see the original moves of the weapon with weird speeds), and it may result in a ban. 

To use it, make sure you have DS III running, the latest CheatEngine installed (6.8.3 as of this post), and have unzipped and opened the downloaded .CT file. Then just enable the movesets you want to use. As of 1.1 ALL infusions (except raw which is for cut weapons) are affected by moveset changes. 

This mod also includes cut weapons. Rather than being entirely new items, these weapons replace the raw infusions of existing weapons. Other than that these function the same way as moveset changes except: make sure you equip the corresponding weapon via the equipment menu AFTER enabling the cut weapon (don't just switch weapons via the d-pad) in order to see the visual changes. 

Catalysts, shields and bows are not modified. I may upload separate mods for these in the future. 

That's everything that's necessary, the rest is just details. Enjoy!

This mod uses the Reverse Souls mod from the DS III modding Discord server (you don't have to download anything extra). It only uses EquipParamWeapon, Attack_Param_Pc, and SpEffectVfxParam. The moveset changes are limited to what these parameters and what my CheatEngine skills allow. 
Feel free to suggest new movesets but keep in mind that many combinations aren't possible with the above limitations, and also that I only plan to add movesets that make some amount of sense (e.g. no dagger R1s on Great Hammers). 
Currently the movesets are not extensively tested. Some things do weird amounts of damage, and a (very) few secondary hitboxes don't work (some halberd's 2HR2s' second hits for example). If there's anything really bad that I missed please let me know. 
I eventually plan to add more cut content and make it so all movesets can be enabled at once, with different movesets on different infusions of weapons, and more altered effects and balance. I also might add a short text tutorial on how to get started making your own movesets. 
Also if you know some other ways of changing movesets I haven't used please let me know, I'd love to learn.

You can find experimental versions of this and other mods I'm working on here (use at your own risk): DSIII-CT