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Archthrones is an overhaul mod for Dark Souls 3 on a scale never seen before.

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  • Mandarin



Archthrones is a retelling of the Dark Souls universe and comprehensive total game mod for Dark Souls 3 complete with its own lore that is informed by the
deepest secrets of the Dark Souls mythos. New enemies, bosses, armor, weapons and spells are only the beginning.

The design of the game has been inspired by Demon's Souls level structure. With the richness of NPC questlines and depth of our own level design, the player
will find engaging complexity within the varied worlds. Relive some of the most memorable areas of the entire trilogy within one mod, with reinterpretations of iconic characters and some interpretations you've only seen in item descriptions. All made possible by a talented team that includes experienced concept artists, writers, programmers, composers, and voice actors within the Souls community.

Experience a world where you, The Emissary, must hunt down the Gods of yore. Pulling from every single game in the series and including mechanics and animations from other accomplished Fromsoft games, the team has also worked on highly memorable boss battles and complex combat encounters.

  • Nonlinear Progression: Explore each throne at your own pace, and in your desired order. Easiest to most difficult or vice versa, the choice is up to you.
  • New Weapons: The player can find new weapons dropped from certain enemies, NPCs, and transposed from certain boss souls. We encourage you to hold onto those boss souls until you can transpose them.
  • New Armor: Instead of porting returning armor sets from previous Fromsoftware games, we have decided to focus on creating entirely new armor sets for the world of Archthrones. Also cloth physics.
  • New Bosses: Charge headfirst into 17 new boss fights and more to come. Be sure to make use of all the new combat features to ensure your success in these endeavors .
  • New Combat Mechanics: Guard counters, perfect blocking, deflection, back-step guard cancelling, and various re-balances and fixes to nearly every weapon class in the game.See this document for a more detailed summary of these changes.
  • New NPCs and Side Quests: All new NPCs are fully voiced by some guest appearances you might recognize… We wanted our worlds to feel lively and responsive for both new and returning players. As such, we highly encourage you to frequently chat with the residents of both firelink shrine, and the various Archthrones as you progress through your journey.
  • New and Re-imagined Worlds: Immerse yourself within 5 memorable worlds that draw inspiration from the Fromsoftware mythos. Once again experience that classic Dark Souls anxiety that accompanies your last ditch effort to find that next bonfire. Powerful foes and stalwart allies await you in these slightly familiar and unfamiliar lands.
  • Q: Will this mod ban me for playing online?
A: No. The private server ensures that you are unable to connect to FromSoftware's servers. This mod also uses its own save files. Bringing your
Archthrones save files to your vanilla save folder and playing on vanilla ds3 servers will ban you. Bringing your vanilla save files to your Archthrones
save folder may cause issues to the mod.

  • Q: Can I play this mod with my friends?
A: Yes. Currently this mod uses a private server that will connect you to other Archthrones players. You cannot connect to other players playing vanilla
dark souls 3. Currently, our private server only supports cooperative play via white sign soapstone. Support for duels, invasions, and other
multiplayer activities is planned for future updates. Note: We are using DS3OS and it may not be stable with a large player count.

  • Q: Does this mod cost money to play?
A: No. This Mod is available to all for free and will always be. If you would like to support the mod, our Paetron and Ko-Fi at the bottom of the page.

  • Q: Can you play this mod on consoles?
A: No. Only the Steam version of Dark Souls III is supported. You can either play it on Windows or Steam Deck/Linux.

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Technical Details



  • Official Japanese translation is now included
  • Official Simplified Chinese Translation is now included


Painting Guardian:
  • Lowered damage of the shiv throw attack


Janara One-Eye:
  • Flick adjusted

Kremmel, God of Struggle:
  • Kremmel's icicle attacks do proper damage now
  • Added few more less predictable combos, the fire stomp-dash attack has his foot lit the floor on fire
  • Phase 3 grab attack damage changed from 250 fire damage to 300
  • Flick adjusted

Player Equipment

Cup Hilt Rapier:
  • now using the correct behaviorVariationId



Cathedral of the Deep:
  • Fixed a corpse using the wrong animation
  • Possible fix for the Cathedral Cell Key chest being empty
  • Fixed Fog Statues showing as “Curse” and gave them a proper VFX
Phoenix Tower, Irithyll:
  • Gave “Chloranthy Ring” proper flag
  • Possible fix for Flynn not spawning after the Keeper of the Lords boss fight
Carthus of the Sands:
  • Spaced enemies out so they don’t fight as soon as you walk into the level
  • Reoriented “Silver Serpent Ring” corpse to act more as a trap
  • Gave “Silver Serpent Ring” proper flag
War-Torn Village:
  •  Added Greatsword Lothric Knight (for lightning gems)


General Changes:
  • Removed the Fire death animation for all enemies to fix technical issues with new ones.
Desert Cricket (Carthus of the Sands):
  • Changed team back to “Enemy”
Lesser Crab (Carthus of the Sands):
  • Fixed bug where they would fight each other
Mirrah Prisoner (Phoenix Tower - Irithyll):
  • Fixed sound issue with crossbows


Boreal Outrider Knight(Eleum Loyce)
  • Actually drops Frost Gem
Boreal Peacekeeper(Eleum Loyce)
  • Actually drops Frost Gem
Gertrude Apostle(War-Torn Village)
  • Staff variant no longer drops the Storyteller’s Staff
Exploding Hollow Soldier(War-Torn Village)
  • Actually drops Fire Gem
Exploding Hollow Soldier(War-Torn Village)
  • Actually drops Fire Gem
Irithyll Ice Witch (Eleum Loyce)
  • Added Crystal Gem
Female Carthus Pyromancer (Carthus of the Sands)
  • Added Chaos Gem
Heide Queensguard(Phoenix Tower - Irithyll)
  • Added Undead Hunter Charm
Heide Kingsguard(Phoenix Tower - Irithyll)
  • Added Undead Hunter Charm


Kremmel, God of Struggle:
General Changes:
  • Reduced lifetime of “Icicle” bullet explosion to 0.1s
  • Reduced damage of “icicle” bullet and explosion by 125
  • Reduced lifetime of the third slam’s ice wave by 0.15s
  • Reduced lifetime of ice stop explosion bullet by 0.15s
  • Reduced lifetime of his GIANT fire explosion by 0.2s, spreading out fully 0.1s later
  • Reduced lifetime of his normal fire explosions by 0.1s
  • Changed how his Lightning Stake behaved. Now after the initial explosion (which has its lifetime reduced by 0.15s and Size reduced by 0.1) there is a DoT that hangs out until the lightning snakes come out.
  • Loyce Knight: Leap attack hitbox lifetime has been reduced by 2 frames (now 4, had crazy backswing before)
  • Some attacks are Slower (Technical terms below:)
    0_3006 adjusted to 15 instead of 12
    0_3008 added debuganimspeed f3-f13, animspeed"15"
    2_3000 added debuganimspeed f7-f17, animspeed"12"
    2_3005 added debuganimspeed f2-f12, animspeed"12"
    2_3006 added debuganimspeed f0-f10, animspeed"12"
  • Reduced Knockback on attacks generally (normal attacks now have 0.5 knockback, attacks meant to push further are now 1, “Shield shove” move is now 0.55)
  • Leap attack hitbox lifetime has been reduced by 2 frames (now 4, had crazy backswing before)
Cosmetic changes:
  • Made his Lighting Spear and Lightning Stake actually have lightning sounds to make easier tells for when these projectiles come out
  • Made his Tears of Strife attack actually have fire sounds

Heide Phoenix:
  • You can no longer lock onto invisible enemies during the boss fight

Player Equipment

General Changes:
  • Powerstances use their correct atkParam_PC now
  • Powerstances are now affected by buffs and aux buildup
  • Wild Strikes Weapon Art reduce damage level
Irithyll Flamberge:
  • Fixed upgrades going above +5
Elite Darkwraith Greatsword:
  • Fixed 2h running r1
Sunless Spear:
  • Added dark damage with INT scaling and increased FTH requirement to 10
Carthus Pike:
  • Can no longer be infused (wasn’t supposed to be able to)
Moonlight Halberd:
  • Changed lore
Queensguard Cross-Spear:
  • Fixed bug with Buff only applied on right hand
Queensguard Straight Sword/Greatsword
  • Fixed bug with Buff only applied on right hand



Rainswept Outpost (Tutorial Area)
  • Player is no longer immortal and will respawn after death at the start if the boss has not been encountered yet
Nexus of Embers:
  • It is now required to visit the Bountiful Queen throne at least once before visiting the other thrones.
  • Can now change appearance and reallocate attributes at the Mirror of Self Reflection in the Nexus laboratory.
  • Possible fix for flashing lights in the Nexus laboratory
  • Added a chest in the starting room which allows lost key items to be re-obtained
  • Fixed issue where Yellowfinger Heysel said the same line twice
  • Fixed issue where placing the Coiled Sword crashed the game on app ver. 1.15.2
Eleum Loyce of the Boreal Valley:
  • Moved the ingredient flower so you don’t skip on Janara’s dialogue as reported.
  • Restored Tree at the start of the outskirts where the 2 wolves are.
  • Added corpse in a cell before the Captain Erdan boss fight which gives the Soul Greatsword sorcery and the Magic Clutch Ring
  • The chest at the top of the elevator in the Ivory Fortress now gives a Dragonslayer Greatbow in addition to the 10 Dragonslayer Greatarrows
Phoenix Tower, Irithyll:
  • Removed some jewelry mappieces that belonged to profaned capital.
  • Moved treasure that was at the broken tower down near the wraith.
  • Added Chloranthy Ring
  • Reduced cost of absolution and dissolution at Warden Jessa
  • Removed 1 Heide Queensguard and 1 Heide Kingsguard on the path to the Cathedral of Blue bonfire
  • Flynn the Rogue Prince has a different idle animation
  • Added treasure past Keeper of the Old Lords that gives Soul of an Old Hand
  • Fixed bug where Keeper of the Old Lords would still talk to you after the fight is over
War-torn Village: 
  • Added Estus Shard
  • Added Rusted Coin x10
  • Added Rusted Gold Coin x4
  • Added Fire Arrow x10
  • Added Charcoal Pine Bundle x4
  • Moved “Longsword” Corpse
  • Removed Blue Knight near the bridge where the hollow sets itself on fire.
  • Replaced 1 Overgrown Lothric Knight with Infested Corpse
  • Changed enemy layout slightly
  • Moved ladder from where first executioner is to near the stables bonfire for a shortcut to Pus Beast.
  • Placed a patrolling winged knight behind the stables.
Carthus of the Sands
  • Added green blossoms
  • Added Undead Bone Shard
  • Added Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
  • Added Large Titanite shard x2
  • Added Lightning Gem x2 next to the dragon
  • Removed floating rubble inside of the building with a large statue inside
  • Possible fix for Lailah appearing in Obediah’s arena if Obediah is alive
Cathedral of the Deep:
  • Removed first instance of Giant Murkman
  • Added Green blossom x3
  • Added Fire Longsword
  • Added Torch
  • Added Red Bug Pellet x5
  • Added Purging stone x3
  • Added Purging stone x4
  • Added Rusted Coin x7
  • Added Fire Arrow x15
  • Added Cathedral Knight Greatsword
  • Added Cathedral Knight set
  • Added Great Mace
  • Reflavored fog statue, shows “CURSED!” instead of “TOXIC!”. Still reduces max HP by 3%
  • Reduced cost of absolution and dissolution at the statue of Velka
  • Removed the 2 corrupted milfanito in the rafters and replaced them with a large deep accursed which drops Aldrich’s Sapphire
  • Large deacon above the elevator which leads to the rafters now drops the Deep Ring



Crystal Lizard:
  • Possible fix for shadows flickering when a lizard is on screen
Carthus Warrior (Carthus of the Sands):
  • Added Sharp Gem
  • Added Humanity
  • Added “Carthus Pike”  (Spear variant)
Desert Cricket (Carthus of the Sands):
  • Tuned down aggression towards player
Carthus Pyromancers (Carthus of the Sands):
  • Doubled Drop rate of Raw Fire Crystals
Farron Followers (Boreal Outskirts and Carthus):
  • Added Heavy Gem 
Sunless Knight(Captain’s Fortress(Loyce))
  • Added Sunless Spear and Estoc
Boreal Outrider Knight(Eleum Loyce)
  • Added Frost Gem
  • Sword and Shield variant should now drop the Outrider Knight Shield
  • Greatsword variant should now drop the Irithyll Flamberge
Boreal Peacekeeper(Eleum Loyce)
  • Added Frost Gem
Silver Knight(Sword and Shield Variant - Captain’s Fortress(Loyce))
  • Added Humanity
Heide Queensguard(Phoenix Tower)
  • Added Humanity
Mirrah Prisoner(Phoenix Tower)
  • Added Simple Gem
Gertrude Apostle(War-Torn Village)
  • Added Hollow Gem
  • Staff variant no longer drops the Storyteller’s Staff
Angelic Maiden(War-Torn Village)
  • Added Hollow Gem
  • Added Humanity
Exploding Hollow Soldier(War-Torn Village)
  • Added Fire Gem
Angelic Lothric Knight(War-Torn Village)
  • Added “Angelic Paladin” armor set
Baptismal Guard(Cathedral of the Deep)
  • Removed “Cathedral Knight” set
Pus-Infested Worker
  • Added Human Pus
Pus-Infested Corpse
  • Added Human Pus
Writhing Pus-Infested Corpse
  • Added Human Pus
Pus of Man
  • Added Human Pus
Pus-Infested Lothric Knight
  • Added Human Pus
Resistance/Hitbox/General Changes:

General Changes:
  • Added effect to enemies to reduce Friendly Fire damage. Mostly used in areas with enemies that are fighting each other.
Corrupt Milfanito (WinterLantern):
  • Decreased resistances: Standard,Slash,Strike by 0.1, Thrust by 0.2, Fire by 0.3, Dark by 0.250
  • Increased resistances: Magic 0.020, Lightning by 0.130
  • Decreased Bleed Aux resistance by 70 (250>180)
  • Decreased Tentacle hitbox size by 0.050
Carthus Warrior (all variants):
  • Decreased resistances: Standard,Strike,Lightning by 0.050
  • Decreased base HP by 59 (341)
Carthus Pyromancer:
  • Decreased resistances: Slash,Thrust by 0.12, Magic by 0.3, Lightning by 0.050
  • Reduced base HP by 169 (281)
Carthus Warlord:
  • Decreased resistances: Slash,Lightning by 0.15, Thrust by 0.040
  • Reduced base HP by 200 (550)
  • Always refills 1 Estus Flask upon defeat
Heide Queensguard (all variants):
  • Fixed bug that caused enemy to not react properly when taking heavy hits during guard
  • Added proper death animation when enemy gets heavily pushed backwards
  • Given proper absorption
  • Reduced base HP by 200 (300)
Heide Kingsguard (all variants):
  • Given proper absorption
  • Reduced base HP by 350 (250)
Phoenix Knight (all variants):
  • Given proper absorption
  • Reduced base HP by 90 (410)
Mirrah Prisoner:
  • Given proper absorption
  • Reduced HP by 336 (164)
Pus-Infested Worker:
  • Reduced base HP by 100 (400)
Farron Followers - Carthus:
  • Changed team type to 24 (Enemy 2, fights Carthus Warriors now)
  • Sabre variant has their flame effect back
Desert Cricket - Carthus:
  • Reduced stun on attacks
  • Changed AI to run away from player/enemies
  • Changed Team Type to Neutral
Giant Murkman - Cathedral of the Deep:
  • Boosted HP by 250 (700)
  • Removed first placement to make enemy feel “Special”
Manservant(Footman) - Cathedral of the Deep(All Variants)
  • Added walk route to the one in the inner section of the Cathedral Graveyard (one that gets shot by arrows in vanilla DS3)
  • Added walk route to the second one in the outer section of the Cathedral Graveyard
Boreal Knight - Eleum Loyce(All Variants)
  • Reduced base HP by 96 (304)
  • Given proper absorption
Boreal Peacekeeper - Eleum Loyce(All Variants)
  • Increased base HP by 26 (326)
  • Given proper absorption
Sunless Knight - Eleum Loyce(All Variants)
  • Increased base HP by 26 (326)
Giant/Lesser Crab - Carthus of the Sands
  • Changed team type to 24 (passive toward Followers)


General Changes:
  • All bosses are affected by the “Map Scaling” changes listed below. Base HP is the same unless stated otherwise
  • Gave proper Multiplayer Scaling to the bosses that did not have it

Heide Phoenix:
  • increased recovery on a quick paw attack, the triple flame spit and all flying attacks (anims 3004, 3008, 3009, 3020, 3021, 3022, 3027, 3030, 6000, 6002, 6003, 3022 (offset 1), 3023 (offset 1))
  • increased cooldown on the flying -> transforming into a smaller phoenix attack from 20 to 25 seconds
  • increased cooldown on the backwards flying roll with fireballs attack from 20 to 25 seconds
  • removed flame breath from both phase 2 transformation attacks
  • AI tuned to stay on the ground for longer
  • fixed a bug where the Heide Phoenix would disappear from the arena never to return
  • fix a bug that caused Phoenix’s AI to freeze until approached from the side
  • Changed a long explosion to only last for 0.263 seconds (You have 13 i-frames when you roll. (=0.43 seconds))

Angelic Siege Golem:
  • Decreased Angelic Siege Golem’s resistances: Lightning by 0.032
  • fallen animation lasts longer so players can have time to hit the head/weak spot.
  • Decreased Angelic Siege Golem’s resistances: Standard,Strike by 0.1, Slash by 0.090, Thrust by 0.050, Magic by 0.4, Fire by 0.3
  • Increased Angelic Siege Golem’s resistances: Dark by 0.150
  • Decreased the hitbox dimensions when falling on player
  • Reduced the damage on the beam attack that follows ground by ~27%
  • Shockwave physical damage reduced by half
  • Removed magic slam shockwave as it had weird active frames that rollcaught you if you did not roll with the EXACT timing
  • 2nd phase single-hand Slam attack magic damage reduced by 75
  • Slowed down single-hand slam attack for both phases

Omen of the Eclipse:
  • Decreased P1 resistances: Slash by 0.060, Fire by 0.180,
  • Decreased P2 resistances: Slash by 0.110, Fire by 0.180
  • the two phases now utilize two HP bars, with the total HP being appropriately scaled
  • Commander Esmond will stagger when his HP is close to 0 and then transition to phase 2
  • Tuned down stunlock length on the forward body dash attack (first phase)
  • Some of the attack chains in the first phase force the boss to wait longer until it can attack again
  • Increased start up speed of some phase II attack animations

Aldrich, Saint of the Deep:
  • set the 'curse rain' attack cooldown to 30 seconds
  • increased chance to walk around without attacking
  • Decreased resistances: Standard,Slash,Strike by 0.050
  • Decreased Slime enemy resistances: Fire by 1
  • ’Curse Rain’ fog speffect interval applies 0.475 seconds later (applies every 0.6 seconds now)
  • ’Curse Rain’ bullets have been generally reduced, lowering the curse buildup as a side effect
  • Slightly increased the delay before the gravelord swords come out of the ground to make them consistent to dodge

Janara One-Eye:
  • White summon Knight Slayer Tsorig increased max hp

Kremmel, God of Struggle:
  • White summon Knight Slayer Tsorig increased max hp
  • White summon Knight Slayer Tsorig summon location moved closer to fog wall
  • When in Knight Slayer Tsorig’s world, he has increased max hp against Kremmel
  • Fixed the fire particles on the weapon being gone in phase 2
  • Added camera rumble for attacks that lacked it

Pus-Ridden Beast:
  • Decreased resistances: Standard,Slash,Strike,Thrust by 0.050, Fire by 0.5 (actually weak to fire now)
  • Reduced size of 000_003029 attack hitbox by 0.3
  • Reduced the body fluid bullet duration by 0.8
  • Reduced the body fluid damage by 32
  • Changed 000_003003 active frames to be from f37-59 
  • slightly reduced the hitbox radius of its ground AoE attack

Angel of Gertrude:
  • Decreased resistances: Standard,Slash,Strike,Thrust by 0.020, Magic by 0.2, Fire by 0.170, Lightning by 0.180
  • Added Pillars of Light attack for Sword wielding Angel
  • Adjusted the way angels act toward player
  • Fixed a bug where the sword wielding Angel would freeze before phase 2

Chaos Amalgamate:
  • Decreased resistances: Thrust by 0.1
  • Increased resistances: Standard,Slash by 0.1
  • Removed an extra lava bullet from the pickaxe slam

Saint Klimt:
  • Reduced maggot damage by half
  • Maggot damage is only applied every 1 second
  • Reduced Klimt maggot blood damage by 5% (10% now)
  • Increased bleed aux damage by 5 (15 now)
  • Raised poise amount by 50 (250)

Necromancer Obediah: 
  • decreased the start-up speed of the unique phase 2 AOE attack, while increasing the distance the enemy can travel during the attack
  • decreased lifetime of area denial explosion
  • Fixed AI of white summon Farron Legionnaire Hyde
Great Deep Accursed: 
  • Raised base HP by 200 (3000)
  • Raised base HP of head part in emevd to 400 (was 300) 
  • Raised poise amount to 180

Keeper of the Old Gods:
  • Decreased physical resistances by 0.050, Lightning by 0.140, Dark by 0.020
  • Reduced base HP by 600
  • Changed how often the boss can be riposted when its hyper armour fails to resist an incoming attack

Player Equipment

Elemental VFX trail:
  • Fixed issue with Fire on rapier, curved sword and UGS weapon class
  • Added elemental vfx trail for lightning and frost weapon buff
Starting classes:
  • Added "Heavy Soul Arrow" to Scholar
  • Added “Mail Breaker” to Knight
  • Added “Brigand Axe” to Hunter
  • Changes to Stats
    All should equal 98 now Knight: -1 VIG Fugitive: +2 LCK, -1 FTH Duelist: +1 DEX, +1 END, -1 LCK Priest: +1 DEX Outcast: -1 END
NEW ! Armor Set : Angelic Paladin

NEW ! Weapon: Carthus Pike

NEW ! Weapon: Sunless Spear

NEW ! Weapon: Irithyll Flamberge

Fixed Curved sword using the wrong animation for backstab

Dark wraith Greatsword fixed bug with the 1H R2 #2 charged anim

Uchigatana cost lowered from 5000 to 1500 souls

Old Greatsword has regained its intended debuff effects (Poison and Bleed), along with having better scaling

Silver Knight Greatsword Greatsword has its base damage improved by 34 physical damage

Phoenix Zweihander has its damage (Generally) reduced

Phoenix Great Mace has its damage (Generally) reduced

Baptismal Guard Blade:
  • Reduced base damage of all types
  • Reduced damage of Weapon Skill
  • Adjusted Weapon Skill not using its proper “No FP” version
  • Adjusted Weapon Skill activating effects of Nightblade Kindling and effects like it

Emissary Blade bug w/ Deep infusion fixed

Iron Club has new (Different from Mace) scaling and now deals more Poise damage than normal

Cup Hilt Rapier has new (Different from Rapier) scaling and now has the intended R2’s and Weapon Skill

Noble’s Dagger now has innate bleed damage

Queensguard Straight Sword now has innate lightning damage

Queensguard Greatsword now has innate lightning damage

Queensguard Cross-Spear now has innate lightning damage

Manservant/Footman Set:
  • Has proper absorption
  • Has reduced backstab damage on torso piece
Siege Golem Greataxe weapon art FP cost raised from 20 to 40
  • Increased the attack cancel window of 2h r1 by 6 frames
  • Reduced the startup of 2h r1[2] slightly [added debuganimspeed event start 0 end 20 spd 15]
  • Increased the attack cancel window of 1hr1[2] by three frames
  • Increased startup speed of 1hr1[2] slightly [added debuganimspeed event start 0 end 20 spd 16]
  • Applied universal tracking changes to 1hr1 [i forgor pre demo oops]
  • Increased speed of 2h roll attack  [added debuganimspeed event start 0 end 20 spd 14]
  • Increase speed of the WA[1] and reduce Invincibility frames
  • Fixed the abysmal tracking on WA[2] (Big grounded slam with beeg projectile)
Blade of the Keeper:
  • WAr2 now has its proper bullet behavior
  • Reduced base damage by 25
  • Changed R2's (my god this stuff was broken)
Palewood Staff:
  • fixed wrong scaling and upgrading with shriving stones
  • Fixed weapon skill 
Brigand Axe adjusted lore, weapon requirements and scaling, improved Sharp infusion scaling

Mail Breaker adjusted weapon requirements and scaling, improved Heavy infusion scaling

Coiled Sword adjusted lore

Titanite Shard adjusted lore

Large Titanite Shard adjusted lore

Titanite Chunk adjusted lore

Titanite Slab adjusted lore

Necromancer’s Kindling
  • Skeleton damage now scales with the area you are in
  • Skeleton spawns a bit behind you now so that it’s attacks land more often
  • Removed some of the possible animations the skeleton could use that had a longer wind-up
Apostle Rapier now scales with luck

Apostle Scythe now scales with luck

Heysel Pick now drops from Yellowfinger Heysel

Elixir of Embers/Great Embers fixed issue where it would duplicate kindling effects, granting more boons than normal

Elixir of Immolation/Great Immolation VFX changed

Elixir of Absorption/Great Absorption sound changed

Elixir of Mind/Great Mind sound changed

Map Scaling

For those who do not have internal knowledge of how these Speffects work, they apply a % buff to the enemy in the level. 1.500 = 150% and so on

Changes to Speffect "Level Scaling - War Torn Village":
  • Decreased Attack Power: Physical,Magic,Fire,Lightning,Dark by 0.057 (1.200)
  • Decreased Defense: Physical,Magic,Fire,Lightning,Dark by 0.006 (1.020)
  • Decreased Aux Resist: Poison,Toxic,Bleed,Curse,Frostbite by 0.007 (1.012)
  • Decreased maxHpRate by 0.76 (1.180)
Changes to Speffect "Level Scaling - Cathedral of the Deep" :
  • Decreased maxHpRate by 0.1 (1.450)
Changes to Speffect "Level Scaling - Carthus of the Sands" :
  • Decreased maxHpRate by 0.2 (1.666)
Changes to Speffect "Level Scaling - Ruins of Blue" :
  • Decreased maxHpRate by 0.556 (1.788)
  • Decreased Attack Power: Physical,Magic,Fire,Lightning,Dark by 0.118 (1.682)
  • Decreased Defense: Physical,Magic,Fire,Lightning,Dark by 0.024 (1.069)
Changes to Speffect "Level Scaling - Eleum Loyce" :
  • Decreased maxHpRate by 0.033 (2.066)
Changes to Speffect "Level Scaling - Captain’s Fortress" :
  • Decreased maxHpRate by 0.033 (2.100)

NPC Shops

  • now sells 4 titanite shards, cost: 800 souls, default access
  • now sells 4 large titanite shards, cost: 4000 souls, Archtree Dew required
  • Purple moss clumps from Archtree Dew are now unlimited
  • now sells unlimited standard arrows, cost: 10 souls, Archtree Dew required
  • now sells unlimited standard bolts, cost: 30 souls, Archtree Dew required
  • now sells unlimited lightning bolts, cost: 300 souls, Archtree Dew required
  • Bloodred moss clumps from Carthus Red Wine are now unlimited
  • Raw Fire Crystals can now be sold for 300 souls instead of 50
  • Laboratory key price reduced by 2500 souls (now 2500)
  • Sells Crystal Gem x2
  • Sells Sage Ring
  • Fixed issue where the Catarina Gauntlets and the Catarina Armor shared the same purchase flag

Player Mechanics

  • -Boosted Perfect Block stamina damage negation by 40% (60% total), chip damage negation by 35%. (50% damage reduction)
    -Adjusted timing of Perfect Block activation to be 0.092 seconds instead of 0.200 seconds ( )-Made Perfect Block actually bounce attacks back
  • lessened the stamina cost of rolling/backstep to the same values as in vanilla Dark Souls 3
  • Increased root motion when locked on for running light and running heavy attacks both 1h and 2h for Greataxes Colossal Weapons, and Greathammers[Please use these weapons, they are really good and cool I swear!]
  • Modified poise health of wild strikes idle stance and moving stance to be the same as a 2h r1 of a hammer
  • Sped up charged and uncharged 2h r2 of generic straight swords[wide sweep heavy attack] to be more in line with other weapon classes of similar size
Bug fixes for both 1h and 2h rapiers:
  • fixed hitbox delay issue
  • fixed tracking bug
  • fixed missing sound effect
Pickaxe Oversight Fixed
  • Removed vulnerability window [50% damage taken effect] from pickaxe jump attack [1h and 2h] 
Colossal Weapon and Greataxe Oversight Fixed [Cleaning Up Elden Ring Jank]
  • Added two more active frames to the colossal weapon classes and Greataxe classes r1, r1[2] r1[3], r2, r2[2] (Both 1 handed and 2 handed) so that the attack actually lands when it should [thank you miyazaki san]
Guard Counters:
  • Fixed desynced sound effect on greathammer 1h guard counter
  • Increased Stamina/Poise damage by 20
  • Added missing hyper armor to the following guard counters

    -1h/2h Axe-1h Colossal Weapon-1h/2h Greataxe-1h Hammer -1h Greathammer-1h/2h Spear-1h/2h Halberd-1h/2h Scythe

Soul Gain Changes

War-Torn Village:
  • Winged Knight (START): 35
  • Lothric Knight (START): 10
  • Hollow Soldier: 50 souls
  • Winged Knight: 350 souls
  • Lothric Executioner: 350 souls
  • Infested Corpse: 20
  • Writhing Infested Corpse: 370
Cathedral of the Deep:
  • Manservant: 450
  • Corrupted Dog: 150
  • Sewer centipede: 280
  • Colossal Murkman: 1500
  • Dregsucker: 350
  • Baptismal Knight: 750
Carthus of the Sands:
  • Carthus Warrior: 480
  • Farron Follower: 400
  • Carthus Warlord: 870
  • Carthus Pyromancer: 430
Phoenix Tower, Irithyll:
  • Phoenix Knight: 650
  • Heide Queensguard: 500
  • Heide Kingsguard: 550
  • Heide Kingsguard (Exploding):200
  • Elite Darkwraith:   1200
Eleum Loyce:
  • Boreal Outrider Knight (Entry): 550
  • Boreal Peacekeeper: 740
  • Soul Powered Golem: 1500
  • Silver Knight: 1000
  • Sunless Knightess: 520
  • Profane Hound-rat: 100
  • Mimic: 2700
  • Farron Follower: 550
  • Boreal Outrider Knight (Outskirts): 750

Minimum System Requirements
Processor: Intel Core i5-9400F
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Storage: 12 GB additional space

How to Install

A readme in containing installation instructions is included in the required download zip file.

Archthrones Demo

Diese Mod kommt mit Lazy Loader. Die eigentlichen Archthrones dlls befinden sich im dllMods-Ordner.

1. Stell sicher, dass Dark Souls III frisch mit beiden DLCs installiert ist.
1a. Du kannst die Spieldaten von Steam in den Eigenschaften überprüfen lassen.

2. Kopier den Inhalt der zip-Datei in das "Game"-Verzeichnis. Das ist das Verzeichnis, in dem sich DarkSoulsIII.exe befindet.

3. Stell die Spielsprache in den Eigenschaften von Dark Souls III in Steam auf Englisch
3a. Weitere Sprachen werden mit der Zeit noch hinzugefügt.

4. Fertig! Die dll wird die Spieldaten von unserem Server herunterladen, sofern dieser nicht überlastet ist. Falls der Server nicht erreichbar sein sollte, kannst du die Spieldaten auch manuell über NexusMods herunterladen.
4a. Falls das Spiel wiederholt abstürzt, solltest du die exe auf Version 1.15 downpatchen. Es gibt bekannte Physics-Bugs mit 1.15.1 und 1.15.2.
Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten um das Spiel zu downpatchen:
1: Lade the 1.15-exe von hier herunter: https://soulsspeedruns.com/darksouls3/crash-fix
2: Benutz die Steam-Konsole: https://soulsspeedruns.com/darksouls3/downpatching

Wenn du die Spieldaten manuell heruntergeladen hast (siehe Punkt 4):
1. Lege einen Ordner namens "archthrones" im "Game"-Verzeichnis an. Das ist das Verzeichnis, in dem sich DarkSoulsIII.exe befindet. 

2. Extrahiere den Inhalt von "archthrones.zip" in diesen neuen Ordner. Danach sollte es in diesem Ordner einen Unterordner namens "_archthrones" geben.

Steam Deck/Linux-Benutzer:
Alle bisherigen Instruktionen sollten hier auch funktionieren. Du wirst desweiteren folgenden Befehl benötigen:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8.dll=n,b" %command%

Kopiere diesen in die Startoptionen des Spiels in Steam und wähle unter "Kompatibilität" "Proton 7.0-6" aus.

PS: Die mitgelieferte dll sollte mit allen gültigen (und auch internationalen) Steamfassungen von Dark Souls III Version 1.15 und aufwärts funktionieren.

Bitte gib diese Mod oder ihre Dateien nicht weiter. Leite andere stattdessen zur Mod-Seite auf NexusMods weiter.

Archthrones Demo

Ce mod est fourni avec Lazy Loader. Le fichier dll Archthrones se trouve dans le dossier dllMods.

Installation :
1.Assurez-vous d'avoir une copie fraichement installée de Dark Souls III avec les deux DLC.
1a. Vous pouvez aller dans les propriétés du jeu sur Steam pour valider les fichiers de jeu.

2.Copiez le contenu de ce fichier zip dans le dossier "Game", c'est là que se trouve le fichier DarkSoulsIII.exe.

3.Définissez la langue du jeu sur l'anglais dans les propriétés Steam de Dark Souls III.
3a. D'autres langues seront ajoutées au fil du temps.

4.Profitez-en. Le fichier dll téléchargera les fichiers du jeu depuis notre serveur de téléchargement. Si le serveur est indisponible, vous pouvez télécharger manuellement les fichiers depuis NexusMods.
4a.Si votre jeu plante de manière répétée, vous devriez rétrograder votre exe en 1.15. Il s'agit de bogues de physique connus avec les versions 1.15.1 et 1.15.2.
Voici deux façons de rétrograder :
1: Téléchargez l'exe 1.15 ici : https://soulsspeedruns.com/darksouls3/crash-fix
2: Utilisez la console Steam :  https://soulsspeedruns.com/darksouls3/downpatching

Si vous avez téléchargé manuellement les fichiers du jeu :

1.Créez un dossier nommé "archthrones" dans le dossier "Game", c'est là que se trouve le fichier DarkSoulsIII.exe.

2.Extrayez le contenu du fichier "archthrones.zip" dans le dossier de manière à ce qu'il contienne un dossier nommé "_archthrones" une fois terminé.

Utilisateurs SteamDeck/Linux :
Toutes les autres instructions d'installation devraient fonctionner. Vous aurez besoin de cette commande :

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8.dll=n,b" %command%

dans les options de lancement Steam et de sélectionner "Proton 7.0-6" sous l'onglet compatibilité.

PS : Le fichier dll fourni devrait fonctionner sur toute copie valide de Dark Souls III, y compris les versions internationales, à partir de la version 1.15 et supérieures.

Veuillez ne pas redistribuer le mod ou ses fichiers. Veuillez diriger ceux qui le souhaitent vers NexusMods. Merci.

Archthrones Демо

Этот мод поставляется с Lazy Loader. Фактическая dll Archthrones находится в папке dllMods.

1. Убедитесь, что у вас установлена свежая копия Dark Souls III со всеми дополнениями.
1a. Вы можете зайти в свойства игры в Steam для проверки.

2. Скопируйте содержимое этого zip-архива в папку «Game», это папка где должна находиться DarkSoulsIII.exe. 

3. Установите английский язык игры в свойствах игры в Steam - Dark Souls III.
3a. Со временем будут добавлены другие языки.

4. Наслаждайтесь игрой. Dll будет загружать файлы игры с нашего сервера загрузки, если он не перегружен. Если сервера недоступны, вы можете вручную загрузить файлы с сайта NexusMods.
4a. Если ваша игра постоянно вылетает, вам следует откатить .exe до версии 1.15. Это известные баги с физикой версий 1.15.1 и 1.15.2.
Есть 2 пути отката:
1: Загрузите .exe-файл 1.15 отсюда: https://soulsspeedruns.com/darksouls3/crash-fix.
2: Используйте консоль Steam: https://soulsspeedruns.com/darksouls3/downpatching.

Если вы загрузили файлы игры вручную:
1. Создайте папку с именем «archthrones» в папке «Game». Это папка, в которой находится DarkSoulsIII.exe.

2. Извлеките содержимое «archthrones.zip» в папку созданную вами, чтобы после завершения в нем была папка с именем «_archthrones».

Пользователи SteamDeck/Linux:
Все остальные инструкции по установке должны работать. Вам понадобится эта команда:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8.dll=n,b" %command%

в параметрах запуска Steam и на вкладке совместимости выберите «Протон 7.0-6».

PS: Предоставленная dll должна работать на любой Steam-копии Dark Souls III версии 1.15 и выше, включая международные версии.

Пожалуйста, не распространяйте мод или его файлы. Пожалуйста, направьте тех, кто хочет скачать мод, на страницу мода в NexusMods. Спасибо за внимание!

아치쓰론 데모

해당 모드는 레이지 로딩 기술로 배포됩니다. Archthrones dll 파일 자체는 dllMods 폴더 안에 있습니다.

1.기본 상태의 다크소울3하고 DLC들이 설치되어 있어야합니다
1a.스팀에서 무결성 검사 돌려서 빠진게 없는지 체크하는 것도 괜찮습니다
(스팀에서 다크소울3 우클릭>속성…>설치된 파일에서 무결성검사 가능)

2.파일압축을 풀고 안에 있는 파일들을 전부 "Game" 폴더로 복사하세요. DarkSoulsIII.exe가 있는 폴더입니다
(스팀에서 다크소울3 우클릭>관리>로컬파일보기로 찾기 가능)

3.스팀에서 속성으로 들어가고 게임 언어를 영어로 바꿔주세요
(스팀에서 다크소울3 우클릭>속성…>일반에서 언어변경 가능)
3a.한국어는 점점 업데이트 될 예정입니다

4.이 앞 즐거움 있다. dll파일이 모드서버에서 알아서 파일을 다운받을 겁니다. 서버에 문제가 있다면 NexusMods에서 수동설치 하면 됩니다.
4a.게임이 계속 터진다면 DarksoulsIII.exe를 1.15버전으로 다운그레이드 해야합니다. 1.15.1 하고 1.15.2 버전에서 물리버그가 터져서 생기는 문제입니다
다운그레이드 하는 방법들:
1.이 사이트에서 1.15 버전을 다운 받으세요 https://soulsspeedruns.com/darksouls3/crash-fix
2.스팀콘솔을 써도 됩니다 https://soulsspeedruns.com/darksouls3/downpatching

게임파일을 수동설치 하는 방법:
1.”archthrones”라는 이름의 폴더를 “Game”폴더에 생성해주세요. DarkSoulsIII.exe가 있는 폴더입니다.

2.”archthrones.zip”파일의 압축을 “archthrones”폴더에 풀어주세요. 폴더 안에 “_archthrones”라는 폴더가 있어야합니다.

스팀덱/리눅스에서 설치하기:

위에 나온대로 설치하면 됩니다. 그리고 아래의 커맨드를 입력하세요

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8.dll=n,b" %command%

스팀 실행옵션에서 호환성 탭 아래에 있는 "Proton 7.0-6"을 선택하세요

PS: 다크소울 3의 국가버전에 관계없이 1.15나 그 위의 버전이고 스팀에서 정식구매 했다면 dll은 잘 작동할겁니다. 

모드의 무단배포를 금합니다. 모드를 찾는 분들한테는 NexusMods에서 설치하라고 알려주세요.

What to do if you keep getting game crashes on 1.15.2
Archthrones should run fine on 1.15.2, but the stability of it has been known to vary from person to person. If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones and 1.15.2 is giving you game crashes, then you should try downpatching your DarkSoulsIII.exe to ver. 1.15.
Here are two different ways you can do this:
Saves and Connections
  • All connections are routed to a custom server running ds3os
  • All save data is separated from base game settings. By default this is "%appdata%/Roaming/Archthrones"