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This is a collection of armor re-textures, mostly darker or de-saturated. Goes well with my other mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/1080

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: I'm not  patient or savvy enough to edit textures in great detail, hence the "make everything dark" approach. All textures are unisex unless specified.

This is another collection of quick and dirty re-textures I made for personal use.

More clothing(mostly for female characters) re-textures by me are available HERE.

I thought I'd share my (admittedly) janky work as many of these types of re-textures are not available without use of IGP11.

This mod will have constant new additions so be sure to track if you want more.

Requires either:

UXM - https://www.nexusmods.com/sekiro/mods/26


ModEngine - https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/332


---For UXM:

Do all the necessary steps to unpack Ds3 with UXM (See their page for instructions)

Drop the parts folder of your desired re-texture in your [Install path].../Darksouls3/Game folder.

Overwrite if necessary.

Start up the game and enjoy.

---For Mod Engine:

Download and install Mod engine(See their page for instructions)

Drop the parts folder into your mod directory that you intend to use (ex; Mod, Cinders, The Convergence, etc...)

Make sure your Modengine.ini points to that folder.

Start up the game and enjoy.

Currently available:

-Dark Herald Set(No helmet; Male and Female)

-Dark Outrider Knight (Male and Female)

-Dark Outrider Set (Male and Female)

-Dull Silver Brass (Male and Female)

-Tarnished Sunless (Female only)

- Dark Havel's (Male and Female)

- Dark Nameless King (Male and Female)

- Dark Fallen Knight (Male and Female)

- Dark Lothric Knight Armor (Male and Female; multiple cape colors)

- "Tarnished" Lothric Knight Armour (Male and Female; Available in [no cape], red or blue cape colours)

- Dark Alva (Male and Female; cloth-less version in optional files)

- Black Dancer (Male and Female)

- Tarnished Dancer (Male and Female)

- Dark Fire Witch (Male and Female)

Tools used:

- UXM : Used to unpack Dark Souls 3 data files.

- Yabber : Tool used unpack and repack .dcx and .tpf files.

 - Any Image editing software to edit the .dds files unpacked from the .tpf files.