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Play Dark Souls III with correct FOV!

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Dark Souls III FOV Fix


Play Dark Souls III with correct FOV!

/!\ WARNING /!\

This file modifies the way the game works, so use it at your own risk. It could potentially trigger a ban on your account (you can still play, but the online functions of the game will be disabled).

I strongly suggest you use my tool only if you know about the risks. If you decide to play with it, take your responsabilities and don't blame me if From Software's anti cheat system catches you and punishes you. You have been warned.


Launch the exe, launch Dark Souls III, press [F1] to toggle the FOV Fix on, and adjust your FOV with [F3] and [F4] keys. The FOV is decreased/increased by 5 degrees at each keypress. You can use [F2] key to reset FOV to default value (43).

Version 1.1 introduces two new options for you to play with:

- Strafe Cam: very useful for keyboard + mouse players, it disables the auto follow cam to allow better strafing. Use [F5] key to toggle it.
- Better Cam: the vertical cam has more range for you to play with, top and bottom views are much enjoyable. Use [F6] key to toggle it.

Known Issues:

- Sometimes the FOV Fix won't work, simply close the program and relaunch it (no need to close Dark Souls III).
- Strafe Cam is not perfect, but it's far better than default cam behaviour for strafing.


- Version 1.1: Updated to work with 1.04 patch, new Better Cam option, updated layout, changed keybinds to be compatible with keyboards with no numeric pads.
- Version 1.0 K+M Cam Fix Beta: New unstable and unperfect option to disable auto follow cam, can be useful when playing with keyboard & mouse. Is not perfect and can cause game to crash and/or behaves oddly. 
- Version 1.0: Initial release


Design by Dr4Wm4N
LUA scripts by jim2point0, Cielos & Phokz (were found on Cheat Engine forums)
This program was made with Cheat Engine